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Spring Detectives

Be a Spring detective! If you see a sign or a clue it is Spring time leave a comment here. Write what you have seen and where you saw it. It could be at school, in your garden or somewhere else.


Neptune class challenge

Can you split a piece of paper in half using a curved line? Remember – to be halves the 2 pieces need to be equal!

Deadline – 3.15pm Thursday 11 December 2014

Where in the World will your AMBITION take you?

Where in the world do you dream of going to visit? Why? What do you want to see? Who do you want to meet? When will you go? How will you get there?

India Postcard and Blog

Two lucky children from Jupiter Class were sent to India to find out what life was like there.

Read their postcard and blog post to find out what they got up to:

Postcard FrontPostcard Back

Travel Blog

Learn all about India

India Information

Jupiter class have found out lots of information from different non-fiction books about India. Each group worked on a different section, wrote a paragraph and presented their information to the rest of the class. Have a read and see what you can learn.

Half Price Book Fair

Just to remind everybody that the half price book fair is coming to Allerton on Monday 9th December until Friday 13th December.

What book are you hoping to buy?

LKS2 Viking Theme Homework

Our theme next half term is … the Vicious Vikings.


In assembly I told you about my friend Julie and how we have been friends for 24 years!

Miss Brewitt and Julie in Year 6

She is an amazing friend because she:

•makes me laugh!

•is a fantastic listener.

•always gives good advice.

•loves to eat cake just as much as I do!

I want to know what makes your friend special and amazing.

Easter Egg competition!

Are you fed up of the cold, slushy weather meaning you can’t ride your bike?

Why not enter our Easter competition to keep you busy in the warmth of your own house!

Spend time with your family decorating eggs to add to our Easter display.

Prizes will be awarded on Thursday. (Tell your friends!)

Snow Day!!

So today we all got a text message saying there was no school due to snow.

I have read the things that some of you have been doing in the snow today,
but wondered what you would all do if you had as much snow as in this photo?