Allerton Literacy Festival!

So the Literacy Festival is over for 2013 and we want to find out what you enjoyed and why.
As a reminder, here is what happened on the different days:
Wednesday–> We had 3 super authors in school (Petr Horacek, SF Said and Denis Bonds).
Thursday–> Poetry Performance day with visitors in from the community.
Friday–> Literacy based on the picture and sharing it with other classes.

Mental Maths

Year 6 – this is a brilliant website that lets you do mental maths tests online! The tests are in exactly the same format as the real thing so have a go.

I think I gave Venus class the wrong website so here is the proper one:

Have a restful evening Y6 and I’ll see you at 9:30am tomorrow!

Miss C

Dinosaurs Galore! Jupiter Class

Please look at the poems we created on World Book Day and tell us what you liked!


Jupiter Class – World Book Day from missbrewitt on Vimeo.

The Little Red Hen!

See if you can use the text map to retell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’
that we did in Monday’s assembly.

It’s the holidays!

So, it’s the first day of the holidays (technically).
On this post, I want you to all say what you’ve been getting up to…try and tell us something you think no one else would have done so far.
Enjoy the holidays- the sun is actually shining!!! 🙂

Calling everyone in choir!!

We have spent so long getting ready for the Bradford Schools’ Prom and the time is nearly here! Unfortunately, school is closed tomorrow so I would like all of you to work super hard at home making sure you know all the song words and the actions as well.

Here are some things for you to remember for Tuesday:

  • Come to school for 8.50 am.
  • You need a packed lunch and a drink in a plastic bottle (no fizzy drinks allowed).
  • Please make sure you are wearing the correct school uniform.
  • If you have not brought the lilac letter about your parent’s contact details back to school yet, please bring this with you on Tuesday!
  • If you have ordered tickets please bring in your money- parents can collect tickets from the office.

I hope that you are all looking forward to Tuesday as much I am 🙂

Mars – brain teaser

As you missed out on your early morning brain teaser puzzle on Friday, I thought I would post one here to get you thinking:

What starts with an E, ends with an E and usually contains only one letter?

Message for Mars

What a shame that Friday turned out to be a snow day…I was really looking forward to you teaching me everything you have found out about volcanoes, and to all the songs, poems, powerpoints, models, and eruptions you had planned! I hope you are all enjoying the snow.

Easter Egg competition!

Are you fed up of the cold, slushy weather meaning you can’t ride your bike?

Why not enter our Easter competition to keep you busy in the warmth of your own house!

Spend time with your family decorating eggs to add to our Easter display.

Prizes will be awarded on Thursday. (Tell your friends!)

Easter is coming…

This man from Germany has been decorating this tree with eggs for the last 40 years.
Him and his wife paint and decorate the eggs each year! I think it looks ‘eggs-cellent’!

Can you guess how many eggs there are (I will give the answer in assembly on Thursday)?

If you could paint any design or pattern on an egg, what would it be?

If you want to paint or decorate an egg for our own Easter tree, prizes will be awarded…!