Snow Day!!

So today we all got a text message saying there was no school due to snow.

I have read the things that some of you have been doing in the snow today,
but wondered what you would all do if you had as much snow as in this photo?

Snow Day!

Snow DaySo the weather has meant today is a snow day. I want to know what are you doing with your day off school?

Snow day



Maths Problem Solving

There are 120 children at Perfect Primary School.

50 children come to school in the car,

45 children catch the bus and the rest walk.

How many children walk to school?


What is the answer and can you explain how you worked it out? 🙂

Who let the books out?!

Lots of you have been reading every night- which is brilliant! 🙂 Remember if we are going to win the kindles this week all of you need to be reading every night- you know who you are!

Out of all the books you’ve read this year, which has been your favourite? You could choose a book you’ve read at home or one we’ve read together in school 🙂 One of my favourite books has got to be Varjak Paw- a cat who can do martial arts?! You can’t go wrong!

School Choir

Our school choir has been working very hard, getting ready to perform at St Georges Hall next week. We have learnt 5 different songs, including songs from different musicals. If you could choose to learn any song at all- which song would you learn and why?

Riggmoor Farm

Did you see the farm in school today? Reception children and their parents were invited to visit the Riggmoor Farm which travelled from Ripon in the snow to our school playground. They brought with them a range of farm animals for the children to pet and ask questions about. Which was your favourite animal?


Survival theme day!!

I’m so excited for our survival theme day on Thursday! I’ve heard it may snow but we will still be outside so be prepared. Can you remember what you need to wear?


Eris class assembly

Don’t forget that Eris class assembly is this Thursday at 10.30am!  We have been practising very hard and look forward to seeing lots of parents there!

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Harewood House trip

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Buckden House Residential

It’s only one week until some Year 5 and 6 children are setting off to Buckden House for 2 nights. I hope everyone who is going is equally as excited as I am and are busy packing their bags!