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How to look after a strange creature.

Year 6 have been creating their own unusual mountain creature. We have described this new animal species in detail and have each created an EXPLANATION of how to look after this creature.

Can you create your own strange creature? Could you draw it? Describe it? Could you write and explanation of how to look after it?

Who let the books out?

How many books have you read?

Which has been your favourite?

Picture of the Week 18th March

Picture of the Week 18th March

How did the bike end up here?

Where is the rider?

When do you think this happened?

Who was the rider and what kind of person were they?

Could we have a School Farm?…

Can you remember going to see Prince Charles when he came to Bradford? Well, last night I was listening to him on the television sharing with everyone his love of the countryside.

Prince CharlesPrince Charles has a farm known as ‘Old Macdonald’s Farm’ which has cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and horses. He makes sure all the animals are looked after exceptionally well.

It made me think about how much we appreciate the countryside around us.

Did you know there is a school in London where they have their own Farm in the school? They have an after school club called Mud Club, where they grow their own food and cook it! They also have their own chickens and collect fresh eggs every morning.

Girl with chickens

Use the link below to find out more:


What do you think about having our own school farm? Would it be a good idea or not? Why?

Picture of the Week 11th March

Picture of the Week March 18th

What do you think that owl on the right has done or said to upset the owl on the left?


What do you think happened JUST BEFORE the photo was taken?