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Calling everyone in choir!!

We have spent so long getting ready for the Bradford Schools’ Prom and the time is nearly here! Unfortunately, school is closed tomorrow so I would like all of you to work super hard at home making sure you know all the song words and the actions as well.

Here are some things for you to remember for Tuesday:

  • Come to school for 8.50 am.
  • You need a packed lunch and a drink in a plastic bottle (no fizzy drinks allowed).
  • Please make sure you are wearing the correct school uniform.
  • If you have not brought the lilac letter about your parent’s contact details back to school yet, please bring this with you on Tuesday!
  • If you have ordered tickets please bring in your money- parents can collect tickets from the office.

I hope that you are all looking forward to Tuesday as much I am 🙂

Maths Problem Solving

There are 120 children at Perfect Primary School.

50 children come to school in the car,

45 children catch the bus and the rest walk.

How many children walk to school?


What is the answer and can you explain how you worked it out? 🙂

Who let the books out?!

Lots of you have been reading every night- which is brilliant! 🙂 Remember if we are going to win the kindles this week all of you need to be reading every night- you know who you are!

Out of all the books you’ve read this year, which has been your favourite? You could choose a book you’ve read at home or one we’ve read together in school 🙂 One of my favourite books has got to be Varjak Paw- a cat who can do martial arts?! You can’t go wrong!

School Choir

Our school choir has been working very hard, getting ready to perform at St Georges Hall next week. We have learnt 5 different songs, including songs from different musicals. If you could choose to learn any song at all- which song would you learn and why?