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Easter is coming…

This man from Germany has been decorating this tree with eggs for the last 40 years.
Him and his wife paint and decorate the eggs each year! I think it looks ‘eggs-cellent’!

Can you guess how many eggs there are (I will give the answer in assembly on Thursday)?

If you could paint any design or pattern on an egg, what would it be?

If you want to paint or decorate an egg for our own Easter tree, prizes will be awarded…!

Picture of the Week 18th March

Picture of the Week 18th March

How did the bike end up here?

Where is the rider?

When do you think this happened?

Who was the rider and what kind of person were they?

Picture of the Week 11th March

Picture of the Week March 18th

What do you think that owl on the right has done or said to upset the owl on the left?


What do you think happened JUST BEFORE the photo was taken?