Whitby 2017

Day 1 at Whitby has been a fun packed day.

Look out for the photos!


Day 1 at Whitby has been a fun packed day!


Mrs Boota

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  1. Sana Khan says:

    Hello its Sana I am missing yo soo much its never the same without you! To Aaliyah,Sully, Alishba , Eshal , Eva hope yu enjoy your time there miss you loads! Have a great time and post lots and lots of pics anyway watch out for my comments everyday

  2. Sana Khan says:

    Id love a reply from u girls please!!!

  3. Mrs Wright says:

    You all seem to be having a great time. Enjoy!

    • sridsdale says:

      Hello Mrs Wright

      We are having lots of fun and we are really enjoying ourselves. Thank you for allowing this trip to happen; we will never forget this experience!!

      Sara : )

  4. rabya navsarka says:

    Looks like everyones having an awesome time including the teachers!

  5. Lea-Anne Devaney says:

    Hi all looks like your having a great time
    The ice cream looks delicious, jealous much , have fun from Nathan, s mum and Emily

    • sridsdale says:

      Where’s Charlotte?Does she not want me to fun (thanks Char) and yes it was delicious; lime and coconut! Hows Pipin? And yes I am having lots of fun and I’ll try to get a tan.

      Nathan x

      • Lea-Anne Devaney says:

        Charlotte sends her love too lol , glad your having lots of fun , can’t wait to see you ❤ missing you lots , cats are fine xxxxx

        • sridsdale says:

          Hi Mum

          I only asked about one cat – Pippin lol. We are back later today; looking forward to seeing you!

          Nathan xx

  6. K Khan says:

    Wow Year 6! Looks like your having a really good time. The pictures looks ok fantastic! Hope you enjoy your first night in Whitby .

  7. K Khan says:

    Wow Year 6! Looks like your having a really good time. The pictures look fantastic! Hope you enjoy your first night in Whitby .

  8. Miss Ridsdale says:

    Hi guys!
    You look like you’re having a great time. Hope it’s nice for you tomorrow, have fun.

    • sridsdale says:

      Hi Miss

      Hope you are ok and have fun at the Media Museum today. We hope Haaris and Amaan will enjoy their time and are not missing us too much!

      Eva x

  9. MIss Cox says:

    Looks like you are having a great time. Hope you all enjoy your time on the beach and in Whitby tomorrow. I look forward to tomorrow’s pictures.

    • sridsdale says:

      Hello Miss Cox. Nice to hear from you : )
      Mrs Boota

      Hi Miss Cox
      I am having lots of fun here as are the other children. All the girls are sharing one room – it’s brilliant! The weather is awesome. The teachers will be posting more photos!

      From Zahra

  10. Mrs Wright says:

    Good morning year 6 and staff. I hope you all had a good sleep?!?
    No doubt today will be another fantastic day. We are fortunate…weather in Bradford glorious so far. We hope it stays that way. Have a good day.

    • sridsdale says:

      Hello Mrs Wright
      We had soooooo much fun that some of us had only ‘some’ sleep.
      Today has been great. We are sure we will be be fast asleep today.

      Year 6

  11. I missing me son michal ferko photo is nic

    • sridsdale says:

      Hi mum

      I am happy and having lots of fun with my friends. I miss you lots. See you tomorrow.

      Love from Michal

  12. Shazia Khan says:

    Hello everbody

    Looks like you’re all having a fantastic time. Enjoy the weather! Missing you lots Luqmaan x

    • sridsdale says:

      Hi mum
      Missing you too. We went to the beach which was really good fun. Then we went to Crazy Golf where I won a free ticket for another time. Bumper boats and go karting was really good fun too.
      Miss you all. See you tomorrow.

      Luqmaan xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Amber Ross says:

    Hi Year 6

    Looks like you are having an amazing time and I hope it’s been a really great day today. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Mrs Ross

  14. sridsdale says:

    Hello Year 4

    I hope you are well and had a good trip to the Museum. Have a good assembly practice and a good holiday. I will see you soon.

    Miss Charles! : )

  15. K Khan says:

    Hello everyone. Hope your all having fun on your second day. We had lovely weather here and the trip to the museum was brilliant especially the light up lab. Have lots of fun AND sleep!! Looking forward to more pictures .

  16. Idrice says:

    Hi Sara Hope Your Having A Good Time,We Miss You XX

    • sridsdale says:

      Hi Dad

      I miss you but I am having a really good time. Looking forward to seeing you later.

      Lots of love
      Sara xxx

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