Young Voices 2017

On Wednesday this week some very lucky children from Blakehill got the chance to take part in one of the biggest choirs in the world! The Choir was made up of over 5000 children and their teachers! These children were extremely lucky and although it took lots and lots of practise it was all worth it thousands of people came to watch it was amazing!

We have spent months practising and it really paid off. As this day began we ate in extra club we rapidly got changed for the day. As soon as the coach pulled up we jumped on for a long ride to Sheffield Arena. Finally, we got there and started and started our rehearsal. We got seated and sang along with all the other children and school in the practise. Singing our hearts out, we slurped our drinks and got ready for the big show. In no time the main show was upon us and members of our family started to arrive.

Bright, hot and shining lights shone in our faces as the show began. The music blasted out and we began to sing. Before the show started, we were introduce to our guest stars that included The Beat-box Collective and Natalie Williams. The songs we sang were mostly medleys but some weren’t, like Birdhouse in your soul. The medleys were called Five Guys named Moe, For those about to rock again and Pop Medley. The consort ended about 9:30. We were all tired as could be. We arrived back at school just before 11 o’clock at night! The next day we did not want to get out of bed but we had such a great time that is was all worth while!

Have a look at some of the pictures and short videos from our fantastic time at Young Voices 2017 and leave a comment.

By Emily Mae and Alex

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