Alice In Wonderland By Immanuel

*BEWARE* May contain spoilers if you haven’t seen Alice In Wonderland before!!!

On Wednesday 18th March and Thursday 19th March, Year 6 and Year 5 went to Immanuel College to see their new show, Alice In Wonderland – their own interpretation. It was one of the most amazing shows that I’ve seen!!! There were the same characters like the Queen Of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat and White Rabbit, however, there was a total new storyline like the fight between Alice and the Jabbawoki (SPOILER ALERT!!!) was not in and there was a court case in the Queen Of Hearts’ 1st Court about who stole her tarts. Also, the Mad Hatter and his friends were stuck in time to when he could only keep on having a tea party over and over again.
We had a really fantastic time. Thank you for inviting us Immanuel!

By Jake & Jessica


The year 6 Sats are coming!

keep-calm-it-only-sats11In year 6 we are very; excited,worried and sad. All because of one reason – SATS! It is currently 24 school days until Sats, so we are all practising very hard to get the well earned levels that we want! Everyone is being very supportive with us (especially the teachers). Wish us luck!

Have you had Sats before? If you have, then make sure to tell us and give us any tips by leaving a comment below!

Bradford City Penalty Shoot Out

On the 12th of March, Billy Bantam and his friends from Bradford City Football Club came to Blakehill and had a Penalty shoot out with all of the children.
We all had to take 4 penalties against the Bradford City mascot, Billy Bantam who was rubbish at goal keeping.
We all had lots of fun and we have hopefully raised a lot of money!
Everyone now needs to collect the money from those who sponsored them, and bring it into school. The money we raise gets split – half goes to BCFC Community work and half goes to our school to spend on exciting things for us.
Once we have all of the sponsor money handed in, BCFC will come back to Blakehill and bring us our medals and footballs etc and we will find out who wins the signed football for bringing the most money in!

Year 5S Class Assembly

Today Friday 13th March 2015 5s did a class assembly. It was amazing! It was all about the Ancient Greeks. Lots of people were laughing because they put lots of funny parts in it. They managed to learn all of there lines and they were really long. They put lots of effort into it and they did some acting there acting skills were really good. They wrote there own myths and shared them they wrote them really well. They put lots of expression in to what they were saying. Once again there assembly was fantastic!

By Elyse

Year 4 Big Dance

300 children from 15 other primary schools took part in a day of dance at Hanson school. We spent the morning at Swain House practising Zumba, Street Dancing, Bollywood and Rock n Roll.

Hanson was packed with parents and we all had a brilliant time.

Bun sale

On Friday 13th March Blakehill had a bun sale for Comic Relief. First we sold some in our class’s then the spare buns got sold after school. The children bought in home made buns which they put a lot of effort into. Each bun sold for 20p. The crowd around the bun counter was massive there were lots of people. We could not stop selling buns. Lots of money was made.




By Ruby

A huge thank you to all the parents who donated buns – we had lots and lots of home made and shop bought ones!