Year 2S Class Assembly

Today 2S did an amazing assembly all about Spring time and growing. They all spoke loudly and clearly. They told us about how they had set up a cress seed experiment. In the experiment, they put one tray of seeds with water on the windowsill, one without water on the windowsill, one in the fridge with water and one in the dark cupboard with water. I wonder how this experiment will turn out? At the end of their assembly they sang a song about a tiny seed growing in Spring. They sang beautifully. They did some really good acting to the story of Billy’s Sunflower. As well as the story, they showed us some painted pictures of sunflowers that they had created of the famous painting by the artist Vincent van Gogh. Their paintings were amazing. 2S are also doing a competition in their class to see whose sunflower grows the tallest.

Well Done! 

By Elyse

Red Nose Day 2015

On the 13th March 2015 it will be Red Nose Day!It will be a lovely memorable day for everyone.                                                           The office has been selling Red Noses for £1 to raise money for charity! They are selling out fast so if you want one of your own get there quick!

There are a number of different noses this time including Nosebot, Snout Dracula, Karate Konk, Snotty Professor, Supernose, Astrosnort, Snortbit and Snortel.

What one do you want? And which ones do you already have?

Safer Internet Day 2015

This Tuesday 10th February  was safer internet day. The digital leaders were very brave and did an assembly all about safer internet day. They did a quiz to test us on how much we new on safer internet day. We had to put thumbs up or thumbs down. It turns out that we know lots about the internet. In class we did some safer internet promises and lots of them had a lot of thought in them. Most of the children have already started doing their promises. The digital leaders, who did the assembly, were very nervous when they were doing the assembly. Even though we already knew lots about the internet ,the assembly that the digital leaders did has helped us understand even more.

2G created their own rap about safer internet day! They thought really carefully about what they were going to include in their rap. They then practised their rap a lot and used the iPads to record it. It was clear that they worked very hard and enjoyed doing it!

Y2 E-safety Rap from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

By Elyse

Bradford City Penalty Shoot Out

The penalty shoot out is back and what a great time to be having it!!! Bradford City have got into the 5th round of the FA Cup and do not intend to go out. Now, Ian Ormondroyd has put on a special assembly for us explaining the rules and prizes. Everyone will be given a sheet were they collect sponsors and they get prizes.

1.Bradford City medal – If you raise over £3

2. Bradford City medal & Bradford City ball – If you raise over £20

3. Bradford City medal & Bradford City ball & A signed Bradford City ball – If you raise the most money out of the whole school/If you raise a lot

This will take place on the 12th March 2015.

By Jake & Rebecca

Year 6 IMPS Visit at the BRI!

On the 9th-10th Febuary 2015, year 6 went on a very enjoyable school trip to IMPS. They learnt lots of important skills of how to save peoples lifes! (CPR, DRS ABC)                                  They did lots of activities including: performing CPR, putting a cast on their thumbs, seeing lots of tools used in the accident and emergency department and watching videos of what to do when something bad happens.                                                                                               DRS ABC means:
D- danger

S- shout

All the children and adults really enjoyed the trip and would love to go again!
Have you ever been to the BRI? Why?

Year 6 IMPS visit Bradford Royal Infirmary on PhotoPeach

By Libby

2G’s Class Assembly

2G performed their fantastic assembly today, about the Great Fire of London in 1666! They spoke loud and clear, and everyone learned lots about the disastrous fire in London, many many years ago.

They enjoyed their interesting visit from Alex Fellowes, playing the role of a witness of the great fire, and learned lots of fascinating things from him. 2G  did brilliant in their assembly, as well as having lots of fun telling everyone about their fantastic time.


By Keira 5H