2S Class Assembly

Today, 2S performed an amazing assembly all about the book that they had been learning in class. They told us that it was all about teamwork and so linked to our school motto of ‘Together we can’. It was so good that people clapped regularly throughout it and there were lots of laughs. Linked to the theme of different coloured crayons, they sang two fantastic songs about the colours of the rainbow. Their singing was very clear and lovely to listen to.

They acted out the story with children dressed as the crayons! Each of the crayons read out the letter they had written to the little boy who used them. These letters were funny! 2S explained about working together during sports day and cheering/motivating each other so showed that they had learnt from the teamworking in their book.

It was a very good assembly everyone spoke clearly, fluent and loud so everyone could hear them!

Well Done 2S!

By Alex

Healthy Food Roadshow 2018!

This morning, two teachers – Miss Lea and Mr Harding- did a cook off in different teams in front of the school. On the red chilli’s team were:

Mr Harding


and Emily

On the green pea team were:

Miss Lea



They all cooked a meal (in their teams) in ONLY fifteen minutes using healthy foods. The red chilli team made a vegetarian curry whereas the green pea team made a Thai chicken curry. There was lots of chopping, lots of sizzing and lots of stirring. it smelt amazing! Then their time was up – the votes were in. The winners were… the red chilli team! It was a great assembly to finish off our Health Week and we loved cheering for our teams as they cooked

By Alex

Year 5 Trip To Great Yorkshire Show Grounds

On Tuesday 5th June, Year 5 travelled to Harrogate to watch many performances and workshops at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground!

We arrived and got into three groups, then we wondered off to the large fantastic grand stand. Then everyone went to experience the great sheep show that included a sheep being shaved and DANCING SHEEP! Then we went to watch a dog and duck show. (There was no biting on the ducks luckily) We then spoke to a blacksmith who created a horse shoe by scratch and steam fitted it onto the horses hoof. Then we had lunch at the stand from earlier. We then did some rope walking that was harder than tight rope walking from a circus- it was very tough! After that, we began our final thing and made baskets out of willow trees which made our hands sore! As this was our final thing,  we had to travel back to school just in time for our parents. It was a lovely day and we really enjoyed taking part in all the outdoor activities.

By Alex

1W Class Assembly

This afternoon, 1W pulled off a fantastic assembly about their castles topic! They explained about not just castles but also about their trip to Skipton Castle. They gave a description of all the different parts of a castle such as the portcullis and murder hole! The castles had crossed windows for defence so that people could shoot out but arrows couldn’t get in; large dungeons to keep their prisoners; a draw bridge to keep out their foes and many more.

Having explained about the different castles, they then sang some castle sang songs, which were beautifully sang and had dance moves to go with it! Everyone thought that their assembly was great. Well Done 1P, we are now experts on castles.

By Alex and Taylor

Year 3 Trip To Leeds Discovery Museum

This week, Year 3 visited the Leeds Discovery Museum that had a whopping 1 million  artefacts in it!

When they arrived, they jumped straight into action by making an artefact timeline about the Stone age and Bronze age. Then, they split into 3 groups and the first group were holding real ancient artefacts! Because these were real, they had to wear special white gloves! Group two, gathered around fake bodies surrounded by official artefacts and infer what type of person they were and what life style they had. Group three, did a  archaeological dig where they dug into sand and tried to find artefacts. They got a V.I.P tour around the fantastic ancient artefacts! At the end of the day every one was brain washed and exhausted and they headed back to Blakehill.

By Alex and Daniel

Pebble River!

If you haven’t noticed, at the front of school reception, there has been a river bed dug out! Blakehill is asking you to bring in a stone/pebble, not too big but not too small, for you to design and make your own. After everybody has brought in their pebbles and they have been designed, we are going to put them in the dug out river bed outside reception. We are hoping that when it is all finished, the pebble river will look colourful and inviting and it will have a symbol of each of Blakehill’s pupils in it!

Make sure you bring your pebble in as soon as possible so we can start designing them! You will get a raffle ticket and you will be able to design your pebble to represent you and your personality, and will be put in the front of school for all to see!

By Mckensey and Alex

Year 1’s Walk

This week on Tuesday, Year One walked to the Holy Trinity  Church as their RE topic is Special Places. They were lucky enough to be able to view  the beautiful church and talk to the vicar.  First, they got to design and colour a stained glass window. They all looked wonderful.

The vicar then talked about Christenings and what happens when you do get Christened. The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed listening to the vicar and once he had finished they all had lots questions to ask. They even quoted about how interesting it was and that they had really enjoyed the activity!

Moving on, they talked about the different sorts of colours that the vicar wears around his neck: purple was for funerals, white was wedding, red was for poppy day and green was for every day.

We thank the Holy Trinity Church and the vicar for letting us visit the church and for teaching Year 1 some fantastic knowledge that they will never forget and I’m sure they would love to visit again!

By Emily Mae and Alex

World Book Day 2018

Today blakehill finally celebrated World Book Day! Having had three attempts, (the first two attempts were not successful due to the weather) everyone made a wonderful effort and looked brilliant as the characters from their favourite books. There were many costumes such as: Roald Dahl characters, David Walliams, J.R.R Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, J.K Rowling and more!

And it hasn’t finished yet! Because of events which have had to be re-organised due to snow, we have still got more World Book Day fun to come! In the coming week, we will be treated with the following: Drum workshops, Indian Dancing and Bedtime Stories where Key Stage One will be reading with their parents.

Bedtime Stories will now take place on 6 pm Thursday 22nd of March where we are sure lots of children will proceed to come with their parent’s in their pyjamas with a favourite book. They will get a biscuit and hot chocolate.

Finally, the deadline for our World Book Day competition was today. Winners will be announced soon.


By Alex and Daniel

Bradford City Penalty Shootout

On Wednesday 21st of February, Blakehill  took part in the Bradford City Penalty Shootout. Did you know, Bradford City’s mascot Billy Bantam was in the net ATTEMPTING to save all our powerful shots, which turned out to be goals! People who brought their sponsor sheet in with sponsors on, got 4 penalties people who did not bring their sheet got 1 so that everyone got chance to take part. Now that we’ve taken part remember to bring you’re sponsor money in! Go revisit the people who sponsored you the collect you’re hard earnings. Remember if you raised over £3 you get a medal, £10 a bag and medal and over £20 you get a ball and a medal. The person with the most sponsor money takes home a signed first team ball! So get collecting and you will get you’re prize soon.

By Alex