Author visit in school

This Tuesday, Chae Stathie came into talk about his experiences as an author to Reception, Year 1, Year 2 also Year 3.  He talked about his stories and showed the children the story plan for one of his books. He read the his story before explaining what his other stories were all about, who the people in the story where and what their jobs were, as well where it was mainly set .

After he read all of his books to them, he worked with each year group to do a role play of the story. The children also go the chance to learn a dance and song linked to his book before having a closer look at his story plan.

By  Taylor

3H Class Assembly

Today,  Year 3 had  their  class assembly  that was all about a book that they have been reading and learning about in class. This book is called Little Babaji and they had been looking at it as part of world book week. The story is about a boy from India whose mum is called Mamaji and dad is called  Papaji. He lives with his dad and his mum.  One day his mum sewed him a dark, fiery red coat,  a light  green tropical green umbrella, purple shoes and bright sky looking blue trousers which his mum sold at a  shop called Bazar.

One day, he went to the forest wearing these clothes and saw a tiger approaching  him.  Suddenly,  the  tiger shouted out  “I am the greatest of them all.” So that he could leave safely,  Little Babayi  gave him his coat then the tiger raced into the misty forest and continued walking but encountered 3 more tigers who robed him of the rest of his new clothes. After telling their story, they sang Little Light of Mine and did two dances which were very well thought out.

by Daniel, Taylor

3R Class Assembly

On Friday the 9th, 3R class had their assembly. They started off with a song called Jai ho along with some amazing dance moves. The assembly was based on a book called Little Babaji which they have been learning about for Wold Book Day. It was about a boy whose mum sewed him some: Purple shoes, a red coat, a blue umbrella and blue pants. They told us that as he went for a walk through the jungle, tigers tried to eat him but by giving them the clothes his mum had made for him, he survived and they became the grandest tigers in the jungle. They then shared their learning about India and told us lots of interesting facts before explaining how lucky we are in this country but that no matter where we are from we all have a light to shine!

Well done 3R. What an interesting assembly!



RG and RD trip to the Rainbow Factory

On Thursday 22nd February RG and RD went to the amazing Rainbow factory which was another of many trips. In their topic lessons, they have been learning about fairy tales and their class book was an old classic called Jack and the Beanstalk. When they got there, they went to watch the  performance of Jack and the Beanstalk which they all loved! They all joined in and they all enjoyed the fantastic, marvellous performance. They went into three different  workshops:  the first one they went into was the Drama workshop and the second one was the fairy tale workshop. After this, they got the chance to write about what was in the giant’s pocket and had to also had to draw pictures of what they thought was in the giant’s pocket! They had a fantastic time.

by Daniel and Taylor

Year 2 York Chocolate Story Trip

On Thursday, Year 2 travelled all the way to York on a trip to the York Chocolate Story. Over the past few weeks, the classes (2S and 2P) have been reading and basing their work on the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, enjoying reading about Charlie and his trip to the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Once they had arrived, they did a tour of the history of chocolate, how it was originally made and what was really used to make it. After, Year 2 learned how to make chocolate lollipops, doing it along with a professional, who worked at the Chocolate Story. The children got to eat it afterwards, and it was yummy! Mrs Philips said, “The chocolate was amazing and so delicious!”

Going further into the factory, the children did a fantastic workshop on making edible wallpaper! Imagine having that in your bedroom! Yum Yum!  They learnt more tips and tricks on making the perfect chocolate to eat and made their own little wallpaper with different chocolate designs.

After an amazing time at the chocolate factory, on the way back, the year group visited the York minster, having a quick look and learning of information before it was time to go home. They  looked at all the incredible architecture of the building and wondered how long it might have taken to built.

The children loved visiting the chocolate factory, learning all different ways of making delicious chocolate creations. Best of all, the chocolate was yummy!

By Mckensey and Daniel

4J’s Class Assembly

This afternoon, 4J performed a brilliant assembly for the rest of Blakehill, all about World War II. They had been reading a book in their English lessons called Friend or Foe, which is all about two boys who are evacuated to Devon and find two German soldiers, that have crashed from their plane! Using this book, the children have managed to produce multiple pieces of fantastic work such as a diary entry of David (a character in the book), a setting description of the streets that had been bombed and destroyed by the Germans and decision wheels, thinking about what would happen next in the chapter and story.

In topic, the class listened to Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of the war and then wrote from a person who was listening’s point of view. This week, they have learnt a song called “When you’re a kid in World War II” which was very catchy and had a fun rhythm, and sung it to us as they danced around!

This topic was really fun to learn all about and year 4 enjoyed reading the book and looking into the past of the war!

By Mckensey


4L’s Class Assembly

To finish our fascinating week, Mr Lowe’s class wowed us with some facts about World War 2. Recently, year four have been hard at work, they have been learning all  about The events of World War 2 and writing lots! With their fingers aching and arms ready to drop off, we guaranty that they will sleep!

Starting off with some clear readers (who were reading out parts of their work from the last few weeks) shocked the world around them with their great writing. Then they moved on to talk about Friend or Foe , which is a  book that tells  the tale of two boys, I recommend this book it is great!

Next they talked about the dreaded day when we went to war with Germany. That radio announcement must have been so  upsetting for so many people, however on the other side off things the people of Britain did not know that the war would be so long and dreadful. Could you imagine hearing that radio announcement playing in your house?How would you feel? What would you do? They also did writing on this and on a lot off other subjects.

Also through all of this work, they looked at what they would of had then and now like mobile phones they would not of had them then.Fruit was also spoken about they would of had to eat lots of vegetables and fruit. And did you know that during that time period many people had to go to the toilet outside!
World war 2 was a very serious thing that has taken life’s so its important we learn about it so that we don’t find ourselves in another situation like this.

By Emily Mae

Star Writer Awards

This week we had a Star Writer Assembly. The Star Writer is an award given to children from theier brilliant writing at Blakehill. We have KS1 on a Thursday and a KS2 on a Wednesday. .

This half terms the Star Writers in KS1 were:

  • 1W Ava.J
  • 1P Layla.W, Sachleen.K
  • 2P Leah.S, Jayden.H
  • 2S Holly.R, Charlie.W

In KS2 the Star Writers were:

  • 3R Ella.M
  • 3P Oliver.B
  • 4LO Lily.A
  • 6R Brooke.P, Ellie.W, Isabella.R, Ruby.C
  • 6S Lily Fenton Brown

Congratulations to all the children from KS1 and KS2 who received the award! If you would like to receive a Star Writer award keeping trying your best at school!


4L Class assembly

On Friday, 4L had their class assembly. It was all about Britain in World War 2. In class they read a story called Friend or Foe all about 2 evacuee boys who find two German bomber pilots. They also read out some of their written work that they had done which included: Diary entries, setting descriptions and stories. In topic, they listened to Neville Chamberlain’s speech and imagined what it would have been like to have heard it first hand. He said that Germany had invaded Poland so they needed to be ready for the war.  They did a very good job and their parents were very proud of them. They spoke very clearly.Everyone could hear them all over the hall! It was a very good assembly and we hope to see another one just as good!

By Adam and Emily

Alice in wonderland !

The PTFA organised for an amazing theatre group to come to Blakehill this weekend to perform a wonderful show for us! There was laughter, joy and a Pasha, a little girl in year two found the key -that must have been great! There were lots of songs in it where we had to clap as Alice sang. She even performed a great a solo. I personally thought the dances were the most up beat bit of it and exciting part of it. It was an amazing experience and I hope a lot of people have made memories and will never forget. I think if you do though they will be back soon!

At the start of the show Alice was playing hide and seek then his sister said “do you want to read?” she said ”no I don’t like books with no picture I think they’re boring.” She was very wrong as all of a sudden she saw the most peculiar thing – a white rabbit with a watch! It disappeared in a flash so she went to the tree and saw a hole in the bottom of it very curiously went down the hole and lots of crazy thing happened…

It was a brilliant treat to begin the start of the year. Thank you PTFA!

Alice In Wonderland on PhotoPeach