World Book Day

This year Blakehill Primary School have put on another World Book Day and almost everyone was dressed up. On Thursday every single child had an opportunity to come to school in fancy dress. Before the day they had an assembly where Mrs Russell said “that everyone will received a £1.00 voucher to spend at any shop to buy a book but they could only choose one of the selected books that the shop had to offer”.

On the day, lots of children came to school all dressed up in all sorts of costumes such as: Willy Wonka, Where’s  Wally, Umpalumpas, Witches and Wizards, Horrid Henry and Dennis from Dennis and Gnasher unleashed. Even some teachers dressed up for this special occasion! There was a competition for the best costume in KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2 also Reception was involved. There was another competition where children could design a potato and the best would win a prize. Lots of children entered the competition and there was a lot of fanstic, imaginatively decorated potatoes.

Miss Gardener and Mrs Russell went round the school taking pictures of everyone in the school who was properly dressed because the costumes needed to be judged for the competition. At the end of the day everybody enjoyed seeing what people were and the competitions as well as sharing ideas about the books they love!

By Daniel and Mollie.

6R Class Assembly

On Friday, class 6R presented an assembly about growing up and what they want to be when they are 30 years old.

They started off by writing letters to themselves for when they are 30. On the letter, they wrote questions about what their future selves possessed and what jobs they had. Some of the questions were,’ Are you a pro footballer yet? ‘, and ‘ Are you married and if so, does your husband have a six pack? ‘ and  ‘ Have you got a Lamborghini? ‘ We all laughed and they went on to the next point.

First, the boys sang about growing up and after the girls followed. Both were really funny and entertaining.

Then they showed us some of their drawings that represented what they thought they were going to look like when they were 30. Then all of a sudden, on the smartboard, pictures from a website called ‘ In 20 ‘ showed up. They were all of 6R and what the website predicted the students would look like when they were older which was also extremely amusing.

Finally, they took out their letters and explained that they were going to place the letters in a time capsule and bury it in the ground to come back to when they are 30.

We all enjoyed the assembly and gave them a large round of applause.

By Libby G and Aminah

Year 6 visit From PC Luke Carson.

On Thursday 31st of January, the pupils of Year 6 had a visit from the one and only Luke Carson (a local police constable).

To begin, Luke asked us what we knew about E-Safety. Then he showed us multiple slides on the types of games and websites that are appropriate for 10-11 year-olds. We discussed the games which we play on and Luke gave us suggestions about how to stay safe when we were playing these.

By Isabelle and Alex

Y6 Prom Night!

On Monday night, year six had a fantastic experience at their leavers prom, all dressed up and ready to have some fun! All the girls came in beautiful dresses and the boys in smart suits, and begun taking pictures to capture the night they would always remember. 

Once inside the hall, there was a brilliant dj who put on some good music and dancing songs, like the superman and whip nae nae! Everyone was taking selfies with each other and chatting together about their final year of primary school, reminiscing on memories from when they were small to the present time. 

After all the singing,dancing and picture taking, the food was finally ready to be served; there was lots to choose from and the teachers had definitely put on a fantastic spread, with brownies, crisps, sandwiches, pizza and loads more! Full up on all the food and juice, it was back to dancing and singing, and making memories to remember.

To finish off the night, it was time to crown the four prom kings and queens: in 6G the lucky prom king and queen were Emily and Archie, and in 6R the royals were Tamara and Hayden! They were all equally shocked as clapping and cheering filled the hall, while they were crowed with their special sachets.  

Year 6 had a fantastic night, and made loads of memories that they will always treasure and will look back on on their next prom in high school!

By Mckensey and Emily Mae


After a long,hard and stressful week, SATs are FINALLY over! Year 6 are very relieved and are anxious to see what results they will get, but meanwhile its time to focus on transition and preparing for Year 7! Yesterday afternoon, whilst watching a well-earned movie, Mrs Keighley kindly brought in some yummy ice lollies for them all to enjoy as a reward for their hard work, and they were very much appreciated! Today (Friday), year 6 have had a fantastic day, and got to have a relaxing time, which they really needed after the stress-filled week: movies have been watched, biscuits and buns have been eaten and everybody has been able to relieve their stress!

Well done Year 6 for all of your hard work and determination, and we hope you look forward to the rest of your time at Blakehill!

By Mckensey

6R’s Class Assembly

Today, 6R performed their class assembly about Vikings, where we learnt about what they had got up to over the last couple of weeks. After a little bit of speaking, they sang a song called He-Ho with some actions that Mrs Russell had been teaching them. It was very interesting and the audience loved it!

Next up a group of people, Amelia, Spencer and Kyle, spoke and we all learnt something new about the Vikings. Did you know they didn’t have horns on helmets? Who’d have thought it! They sang yet another song and 2 people came in with a Viking long boat!
Some of the vikings raided England and not many people got along, this caused many wars and there was three main battle. 6R showed this war by having  people fighting. The kings were often fighting and King George the Viking leader won. He did this by surrounding them and starving them until the other king gave in and they split the land.

Songs were sang at the end of the assembly and everyone clapped. It sure was an assembly to remember it was brilliant!

By Pasha and Emily Mae.

6R Assembly from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Year 6 Frisbee Competition

On Wednesday evening, a team of Year 6’s (Aaron, Spencer, Steven, Amelia, Meghan, Mckensey, Kaitlin and Ben) went to compete in a frisbee competition, held at Woodhouse Grove, Sports Hall. Leaving school at 2:45, they wore the new Nike school kit and parents took them up to the competition. First, they played Wellington Primary, who they drew 2-2 with, then they were up against Thackley, who lost to Blakehill (YAY!). After a small break, they were up on pitch 2, where they versed Fagley and unfortunately lost that game but that didn’t stop them as they carried on to their final match, where they absolutely smashed Swain House with a whopping 6-4!

Tired and worn out, the team waited with baited breath for the results and overall they came third after watching the final match between Fagley and Wellington. Blakehill Frisbee team represented the school very well and were proud to come away third place after a long, hard competition of fast-paced Frisbee and thanked Mrs Russell for organising the whole event!

By Mckensey

Year 6 Tropical World Trip

On Thursday, Year 6 went to Tropical World on an excursion to compare and find out facts between the Amazon and the UK forests climate. Once they had got there, the two classes split into three groups each and set off into the humid building to find butterflies flying around and little bugs being eaten! They identified different types of them such as the owl butterfly and the Sara’s Longbird whilst they went along, holding a clipboard, which had a questionnaire full of different questions about different animals. When going around, people came across a cheeky bird that looked a little bit weird and it came around pecking everybody’s feet! The groups went through the aquarium (where they found Nemo and Dory!) and did sketches of the different fishes and read facts about how they were related to other types of aquatic animals. Then, they went to the reptile area and saw huge tarantulas the size of your hand, iguanas, skinks and bearded dragons.

After lunch (which was yummy!) the classes swapped over so 6G went inside and 6R went into the woodland with Debbie and Maggie, who were our guides. There, they did mini beast hunting and found all sorts of weird creatures that lived in the dirt, a tree interview, where we named trees (one was Donald TRUNK!)  and guessed how old they were and last but not least they all did leaf hunting in groups of three, comparing the leaves in England to the Amazon in Brazil. To finish off, everybody shared a fact they had learnt, then trekked back up the steep hill to the hall, where they had eaten lunch, hopped onto the coach and drove home, tired and sleepy.

The children really enjoyed this trip and learnt lots of interesting facts about the different types of forests, leaves and habitats. Everybody said they would go back again!

By Mckensey

Ingleborough Hall Thursday

Today has been another jam packed day at Ingleborough Hall. It was full of fun activities which all the groups have now had a good at.
Group 1 : Long Walk
Group 2 : Long Walk
Group 3 : Caving and Village Study
Group 4 : Village Study and Caving
Group 5 : Gorge Scrambling and Tree Climbing
Group 6 : Tree Climbing and Gorge Scrambling
This even the children are all trying their hand at Country Dancing.
Take a look at the pictures today and leave some comments.

Healthy Eating Roadshow Assembly!

Today we had an assembly to link in with our health week.It was presented by a chef called Ian, he gave us some cards which had two names of two teams that were going to be cooking. The names were: Green peas (the green side) and Red chillies (the red side). However, before people could started to cook, Ian asked us some questions about the different food groups and what was the most efficient food group of them all. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It gives are body fuel so we don’t get hungry before lunch. Then we went through the food groups and which ones we need and which ones we don’t really need or could have as a treat like fatty foods or food high in sugar. Lots of people came up with some funny and very good answers to his questions. Then it was onto the cooking! On the green peas team there was Mrs Russell, Archie from year 5 and Chloe from year 6. The children said they couldn’t cook but Mrs Russell was very confident. Then we were introduced to the Red chillies. In this team there was Mrs Gould,Amelia also from year 5 and Harrison from year 6. No one out of this team was very confident at cooking which was not good, especially Mrs Gould who was almost shaking! Their task was to create a healthy meal in just 15 minutes with the ingredients they had in front of them. As they were cooking Ian asked some people to come out but before they did they had to answer a question. They had to say how both teams were doing and who they were going voted for. You could see the panic and stress on both of the team’s faces! Finally their time was up! The Red chillies had made a healthy chicken stir fry and the Green peas had made a healthy chick pea curry. After Ian invited some people to come and test their wonderful creations it was time for everyone to vote! And the winners were….. GREEN PEAS! It was a wonderful assembly and everyone loved it! I hope lots of children go home and want to cook more exciting healthy meal!


By Emily