Blakehill Health Week Bootcamp

This week, as part of National Health Week, every year has attending a boot camp.The point of the camp was to get the children moving, have fun and get more exercise. Lot sof children were inspired to do even more exercise. Steve had th children doing all kinds of exercises including : jumping, bear crawl races, lunges, squats, sit ups, press ups, planks and high knee running.

We all had a great time and were very tired by the end of it.

Thanks Steve!

By Daniel

Year 4 residential trip to Nell Bank

On the 19th of March 2018, Year 4 came to school in non-uniform with suitcases and luggage since they were going on a 2 night residential to Nell Bank. When we arrived at Nell Bank we met our Nell Bank leaders called Jack and John who started us on our first activity which was mini beast hunting.Next we had the chance to explore Nell Bank by taking part in the Nell Bank Habitat Trail.

Once we’d finished, we went to  Middleton to have our lunch before having the chance to go to the adventure and the water playground. We played a while until it was time for tea which tonight was sausage and mash with veg or jacket potato. Once we’d finished tea, teachers sorted us into our dormitories (the girls rooms were named Asquith and Hawksworth. The boys rooms were called Denton and  Rombalds). We headed over to our rooms and sorted our beds and got our pyjamas ready for bed. Soon after that, we headed back down to Middleton for a quiz,hot chocolate,a biscuit and Mr Lowe read Harry Potter before we headed to bed.

The next morning, we all woke up ready for our long 7 mile walk. We went to Middleton to eat chocolate spread,jam or butter toast and cornflakes or rice krispies. We then packed a rucksack and set off on the long walk which took all day. When we returned in the evening we had time for a quick play on the adventure playground before our tea which we wolfed down. After tea, since it was still light, we played out again before showering and getting ready for bed.

Once we were all ready for bed we chilled out with some colouring before singing happy birthday to Jess, Ava and Mrs Javed. We drank our hot chocolate and ate cake before wearily traipsing to our long awaited beds.

Waking up on our last day, we had a lot to do before starting our activities. We stripped our rooms and packed our bags before readying ourselves for the fun of pond dipping and den building. After lots of fun and teamworking, which led to some marvellous dens, it was time to come home and see our school mates and families.

We were tired but happy having had a fantastic time and would definitely go again!
We can’t wait for our Year 5 residential now!

By Pasha and Taylor

Year 3 Cricket Competition

On Wednesday 7th February, children from  3R and 3H took part in a cricket competition. When they arrived, they got straight into it by doing 3 group games against  Thackley, Parkland and St Claire’s. The hosts, Sports UK, didn’t tell them the score but what they did tell them was that if they beat St Claire’s that they would be in the final.

Eventually, it was announced that Blakehill won and they were into the final against Wellington! We batted first but it was tough with Wellington hitting the stumps at ease. At the end of an incredible match the score’s were counted in but the news was not good because Wellington beat us by just 1 run! However, it was still a great event that all the children enjoyed and it was great to see them finish second as runners up with the silver medals!

Well done Year 3!

By Daniel

PE workshop

This morning, 5 people from Year 3 and Year 4 completed different health challenges with children from other schools. They learnt that the word dress can help you remember the things you should do to know you have a healthy lifestyle: D stands for diet, R stands relaxation,E stands for exercise,S stands for sleep and the second S stands for social life. After warming up, the children from our school had to compete against different  schools including, Poplars farm, Thackley, Swain House, Thorpe Primary and Wellington as well as getting to know each other. Because they did so well, all of the children got to receive a certificate each!  Well done to Pasha, Taylor, Zach, Freya, Lucas and Zach for taking part.

by Pasha

Bradford City Penalty Shootout

Bradford City Penalty Shootout is back! Blakehill’s most exciting annual event, is back again for another year! They never stop coming! Due to our successful track record, they have returned to do it all again. We are raising money for Blakehill and Bradford City’s Community efforts and so in order to participate you will need to collect sponsors from your family and friends. Remember – only people you know! Your charitable efforts will be rewarded by:

  • Medals if you raise £3
  • A bag and a medal if you raise £10
  • A football and a medal if you raise £20
  • Also a signed football and a medal if you raise the most money

You’re Teachers will notify you when you need to bring you’re sponsor sheet. Don’t worry if you forget your sponsor form, you will still be able to have a go against Bradford City’s mascot Billy Bantam.

By Alex, Taylor and Daniel


Junior Dance Competition

Tomorrow, 50 pupils of Blakehill are going to a dance competition to perform  a dance routine. Our theme is coal mining linked to Year 5’s Local History Study. We’ve been practising on a Monday after school and we have even been putting in extra practice sessions so that we are ready for the show tomorrow. The dance competition takes place tomorrow (Saturday 27th January) place at Buttershaw School. Those children taking part will be arriving at 12:00 tomorrow. On a Saturday! The whole show starts at 2 o’clock and then we dance and find the results. We’re sure all the parents and family members that have tickets will love the show!

Good luck to all pupils taking part, we hop you do well and have an amazing time! Good luck Blakehill!

By Pasha

Year 1 yoga club

This half term, Mrs Wardell has started to hold a Year 1 Yoga Club on a Wednesday afternoon from 3:15 until 4:00. She has 12 children who follow a yoga programme named Cosmic Kids. They listen to a story and learn how to control their body and breathing in order to follow different patterns of movement!

See how relaxed they look!


At Blakehill ,we believe that it is important that all pupils get the chance to take part in sports in and out of school hours. In our school every year-group, throughout the school year, there will be an opportunity for children to take part in coaching sessions. Key-stage 2 has a fantastic teacher named Miss Dobson, she is by far one off the best PE teachers we have ever had! We have had her for around a year. This is some of the things that we do with her:

Year six, the top off our school ,who are amazing, do Frisbee and Dance.

Year 5 , who are very good, do OAA for indoor they do badminton and dodge-ball inside.

In Years 2 and 3 they currently have professional Bradford Bulls to teach them tag rugby.

So what do you think? Would you like to do any of these things if so please comment down below.

By Emily Mae

Health Week!

This week, it was National Health Week the aim is to try to show children how to live a healthy lifestyle all through out their life. Every day, we have done the daily mile, which can be done by walking or running. Everyone really challenged themselves and pushed their workout to the limit! As it has worked out so well, we have decided as a school to do this every day from now on! And already we are all really enthusiastic about taking on this challenged. Today, as a special surprise, we got the School Cook Off Show involved and we had a cook off in the hall, where pupils and teachers had a competition to see who could make the nicest healthiest meal. The meals that where cooked were curry and stir-fry and both tasted fantastic according to the pupils chosen to taste them.
Throughout the week personal trainers have been working with different year groups by running boot camps! Exhausted, the children worked and worked until their faces would get away with being a cherry! Everybody impressed their teachers with their perseverance, nobody gave up. Even parents have had the chance to get involved this week by coming to special pupil and parent sports clubs after school like cricket, aerobics and another boot camp. I think, after this busy week, every one will sleep until Monday!

Well that was our health week, we have all had a wonderful time and we have been influenced to be healthy and hope you have been too. We can’t wait to do it again.

By Emily Mae

Sports Day

This week, Blakehill held our annual Sports Day! Unfortunately, the day we originally planned to do it on was rainy and so it has been held across this week, fitting in also to Health Week! The four houses go head to head (Jupiter,Javelin,Kingfisher and Kestrel). Each class went around the activities spread around the racing track and after each one they added up the scores as they went. The first activity was the Skipping race, where you had to run up the track, skipping! It was quite tricky but alot of fun! After, we walked across to the egg and spoon race, where we had to balance an egg (plastic, thankfully!) on a small spoon and try and carry it to our cone. This one was funny, as we stumbled when the egg fell off and it was hard to get back on! We then headed to the welly-boot race in which you had to race in over-sized welly boots! It was so funny, as the boots never fitted (unless you were lucky!) and were always falling off your feet! The obstacle course was just as much fun, where we had to step through the sprint ladder, go through two hoops, jump over a hurdle, grab a beanbag, go across the stepping stones and throw your bean bag into the hoop and all the way back again! It was tricky and confusing when you got past the hurdle but everyone managed and put so much effort into helping support their team!

Once all of the activities were finished, everybody headed to sit down in the middle around the score board, ready to watch the relay race for Years 5 and 6. The girls went first, each team having four people amongst them. Everyone ran a 100 metre lap and when they reached the finish, they passed the baton to the other racer on their team. The same rule applies for the boys, who went next.

When the race had finished, everybody was very tired and went back to the middle to find out the final results! All in all, everybody had a very fun, exciting time and look forward to next years Annual Sports Day! Who will win?

By Mckensey