Author visit in school

This Tuesday, Chae Stathie came into talk about his experiences as an author to Reception, Year 1, Year 2 also Year 3.  He talked about his stories and showed the children the story plan for one of his books. He read the his story before explaining what his other stories were all about, who the people in the story where and what their jobs were, as well where it was mainly set .

After he read all of his books to them, he worked with each year group to do a role play of the story. The children also go the chance to learn a dance and song linked to his book before having a closer look at his story plan.

By  Taylor

KS1 Bedtime Stories

On Thursday evening, KS1 came after school to take part in their Bedtime Stories event, which was held in the hall. They were very excited and were all dressed cosily in their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns along with a cute cuddly toy each. Not only that, but each child came with their favourite books, to read and to share with their friends and read to their parents, who loved seeing how much progress their child had made.

Snuggling with their teddy bears, KS1 watched a clip of Julia Donaldson, who is their class author, reading Stick Man and absolutely loved it. Talking all about the clip, the children listened to Mrs Pinder reading one of the children’s favourite book, which was really fun and they all enjoyed. Looking forward to their hot chocolate, every child read to their parents, who were really proud of their child’s reading skills and how they had come on throughout the year, and also encouraged them all to read at home more.

Sipping their hot chocolate, everybody watched Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? and licked their lips, which were covered in a hot chocolate moustache! KS1 absolutely loved it and wished the night would never end!

By Mckensey and Emily Mae

Year 2 York Chocolate Story Trip

On Thursday, Year 2 travelled all the way to York on a trip to the York Chocolate Story. Over the past few weeks, the classes (2S and 2P) have been reading and basing their work on the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, enjoying reading about Charlie and his trip to the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Once they had arrived, they did a tour of the history of chocolate, how it was originally made and what was really used to make it. After, Year 2 learned how to make chocolate lollipops, doing it along with a professional, who worked at the Chocolate Story. The children got to eat it afterwards, and it was yummy! Mrs Philips said, “The chocolate was amazing and so delicious!”

Going further into the factory, the children did a fantastic workshop on making edible wallpaper! Imagine having that in your bedroom! Yum Yum!  They learnt more tips and tricks on making the perfect chocolate to eat and made their own little wallpaper with different chocolate designs.

After an amazing time at the chocolate factory, on the way back, the year group visited the York minster, having a quick look and learning of information before it was time to go home. They  looked at all the incredible architecture of the building and wondered how long it might have taken to built.

The children loved visiting the chocolate factory, learning all different ways of making delicious chocolate creations. Best of all, the chocolate was yummy!

By Mckensey and Daniel

Margaret Mulligan Assembly

This week, Blakehill had a fantastic surprise visit from a famous author named Margaret Mulligan, who wrote the book Katy Parker and The House That Cried. Gathered in the hall, Mrs Mulligan read out two extracts from the book – the first two pages of the first chapter and a few pages from around the middle of the book when the children had just been transported into the past after a long sleep in a haunted house that had stood since World War II. She talked to us about how the evacuees only got to take one suitcase and that you had to pick wisely and took in ideas of what the school would like to take if it was us nowadays. Margaret discussed with us some of the things that most of the children would take in the war such as:

. A teddy bear                                                                                                                                                     . A picture from home                                                                                                                                     . A Sunday outfit (your best clothes)                                                                                                         . One or two books                                                                                                                                           . An activity like paper and pens or a colouring book                                                                           . Underwear                                                                                                                                                         . Clothing                                                                                                                                                             . Bathroom Supplies

Mrs Mulligan has agreed to judge a story writing competition, which must include time-travel! But there is one problem… it can only be 500 words! Your story must:

. Include an element of time-travel                                                                                                             . Be at least half set during a famous period of time (like the time of dinosaurs, any world war and the victorian times!).                                                                                                                         . Be a maximum of 500 words.

There will be prizes for the best stories in ks1 ,Years 3-4 and Years 5-6. Your stories must be completed and returned by Monday 19th February. We encourage everyone to enter and have a go at this writing competition! And not only that, but it will be judged by Margaret Mulligan, the author herself! Good luck and enjoy writing!

By Emily Mae and Mckensey


4J’s Class Assembly

This afternoon, 4J performed a brilliant assembly for the rest of Blakehill, all about World War II. They had been reading a book in their English lessons called Friend or Foe, which is all about two boys who are evacuated to Devon and find two German soldiers, that have crashed from their plane! Using this book, the children have managed to produce multiple pieces of fantastic work such as a diary entry of David (a character in the book), a setting description of the streets that had been bombed and destroyed by the Germans and decision wheels, thinking about what would happen next in the chapter and story.

In topic, the class listened to Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of the war and then wrote from a person who was listening’s point of view. This week, they have learnt a song called “When you’re a kid in World War II” which was very catchy and had a fun rhythm, and sung it to us as they danced around!

This topic was really fun to learn all about and year 4 enjoyed reading the book and looking into the past of the war!

By Mckensey


Year 5 Author’s Visit

This morning, after break, Year 5 and a few year 6’s got the exciting experience to meet an author named Margaret Mulligan. She came to introduce the children to her book, which was called Katy Parker and The House That Cried, aimed at 9-12 year olds. It was full of suspense, telling us all about the story of Katy and her brother, who were turned back in time to World War II to find out the mystery of the crying baby…

She read us around two to three pages of different parts of the story and then asked us questions about what we thought and what would happen next. Not only this, but she told us all about the story of her writing it and that her story was turned back for months by publishers who wouldn’t accept it. Until finally, the people who published Harry Potter decided they would take it in and it became a famous book all over the country, winning awards and titles that Margaret never expected to get. Now, she is on the journey of publishing her next book and is again being turned down but the advice she gave us was:  “never give up, just keep on trying and you will eventually get the prize”.

The children found the book very exciting and everybody who bought a copy immediately started reading! Did you get a copy? Did you meet the author?

By Mckensey

At Blakehill We Love To Read!

At Blakehill we really love to read! To help promote this, each class has a fantastic reading corner with brilliant themes like wizardry, nature gardens and tee-pees. We also have a variety of different books that the children can read and enjoy when reading to themselves on a morning or on an afternoon. There are tons of different genres like fantasy, information, wildlife, adventure, magic and horror, although not too scary of course. In year 6, we have a shelf dedicated to good books that the teachers have read and suggested them to us to read before we leave!

All of the classrooms have something in their reading corner – 6R have a wonderful, inspiring tree that makes your book even more magical, 6G have a Harry Potter theme sending them magical reading powers and twinkling lights that shimmer from the sunlight. Year 5L have a cosy,comfy tee-pee that you can snuggle up in with your nose in a story and all the other classes have amazing corners that you go to anytime you would like to read and sit in an enchanting, mystical, awe-inspiring story book full of wonderment! We really enjoy reading at Blakehill and if you visit, you’ll be sure to see us with our nose in a book!

By Mckensey

Celebrity Guest Visits Blakehill!

This week Mrs Russell organised for a very special visitor come to our school who used to be a pupil here. They came to open the new Library and have a look around the school to see how much it as changed this they were here. Former Manchester United and England international player Tom Cleverley! He was given a tour round our school by Mr Patterson and two pupils Dhruv and Billy and he couldn’t believe how much the school had changed since he had left. But that’s not all… Tom also remembered a few teachers that are still here from when he was. They were Mrs Feather (then known as Mrs Drew) and Mrs Hall (then known as Miss Kells). Did you know that Mrs Hall was Tom’s first football coach before he went on to work for Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Louis Van Ghal! It was amazing to think that someone internationally famous had come to our school. After he had opened our new library unfortunately he had to go and pick up his own children. This was very sad but happy because he had got to meet some of us and he is always welcome to come back and see us all again!

By Emily and Brooke

Our New Reading Corner and Library!

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on our new Library and reading corner!The children have been so excited and can’t wait to enjoy this fantastic place and fall further in love with reading in it’s warmth and brightness.However, there is still more decorations to come! Thank you to all of the people that have helped build and create the library this includes: Builders, Painters,Mrs Keighley, Mrs Bedell , Mrs Russell and Mrs Marsden. Not only that, we also have a brand new reading corner which has different level books for KS1. There is still a variety of books located around this area so you can go and get a book of your choice. Also, there is an area for teaching pupils and groups for booster sessions. We can’t wait for this exciting time to fall upon us!

By Emily and Brooke

Alice in Wonderland 1P

On Friday 8th June, 1P recreated the story of Alice in Wonderland for their class assembly. First of all, Alice (Flo) went through a talking door into a place called Wonderland. After, she met all the characters in the crazy world, the first character was The Rabbit that was always late going to places. Alice wondered what a rabbit could possibly be late for and while she was meeting the other  characters she asked where he had gone. In the end, she found out The Rabbit was going to her majesty, The Queen of Hearts. In the story In the story , as Alice journeyed through Wonderland, she came across a number of characters such as:The Mad Hatter,The Queens Guards,Cheshire Cat,Tweedledee and Tweedledum and The Flower Girls. At the end of the play, they put on a video with lots of pictures of the school year on.
Have a look at the assembly below and please leave some comments about what you think.

By Tom