Reception Zoolab Day!

On the 18th of October, reception had a day with the Zoolab crew. The children learnt all about the jungle and the animals that live there.

They began with meeting and holding both roaches stick insects. After that, they stroked a slimy snake and a hairy rat. Soon after, they carefully looked and acknowledged a scorpion and saw how it turned blue under black light!

The children really enjoyed meeting all of the strange animals and would love to do it again soon. They know that the next receptions will love the experience to!

By Alex and Cora

Reception Transition Day

On Wednesday 4th July, the brand new reception children came in to spend the day in their new classrooms with their new teachers, and meet some new friends, ready for September. The new reception children came into the school and had a circle time with their teachers and the other kids that will be in their class with them, and got to know the area,  the classroom, and how things would work when they came. They all had the fun opportunity to play with the inside toys plus the equipment and the outside games and provision. Not only that, but the new parents were able to have tea and coffee in the hall to meet eachother and talk about their children, who would be starting in September.

By Mckensey

Blakehill Health Week Bootcamp

This week, as part of National Health Week, every year has attending a boot camp.The point of the camp was to get the children moving, have fun and get more exercise. Lot sof children were inspired to do even more exercise. Steve had th children doing all kinds of exercises including : jumping, bear crawl races, lunges, squats, sit ups, press ups, planks and high knee running.

We all had a great time and were very tired by the end of it.

Thanks Steve!

By Daniel

RG and RD trip to the Rainbow Factory

On Thursday 22nd February RG and RD went to the amazing Rainbow factory which was another of many trips. In their topic lessons, they have been learning about fairy tales and their class book was an old classic called Jack and the Beanstalk. When they got there, they went to watch the  performance of Jack and the Beanstalk which they all loved! They all joined in and they all enjoyed the fantastic, marvellous performance. They went into three different  workshops:  the first one they went into was the Drama workshop and the second one was the fairy tale workshop. After this, they got the chance to write about what was in the giant’s pocket and had to also had to draw pictures of what they thought was in the giant’s pocket! They had a fantastic time.

by Daniel and Taylor

Reception and Year 1 & 2 Christmas Production

On Monday and Tuesday, Reception and Year 1 & 2 finally revealed their Christmas Production to the whole school after months of practising and perfecting their performance! Reception’s nativity ( A King Is Born) was a upbeat, fun story all about a mummy, daddy, grandma and grandad who were telling the Christmas story to their four children on Christmas Eve. They spoke confidently and clearly to their audience, and enjoyed it as they were performing – they sang four different songs with fantastically loud and brave voices starting with It’s Christmas Eve! Dancing to the upbeat music, Reception remembered all of their lines and a special well done to the four main characters the mummy, daddy and grandma and grandad! To finish it off, the children carried on to sing three more songs, Over 2000 years ago, The Three Kings and Glory Glory. Well done Reception class!

Moving over to KS1, their wonderful performance began with the title Hey Ewe! And yes it does say ewe, which is a sheep! After months of practicing with Mrs Scott (the kind producer and teacher) they finally perfected it and showed us how it went. Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe was the most inquisitive and curious and was always busy making trouble under the shepherds feet. She was always asking silly questions and to the annoyance of the rest of the flock, she never stopped talking! The little sheep always had to know what was going on! However, one night, while all the other sheep were sleeping, that little ewe wouldn’t rest and knew something was different in the air.

Throughout the production, KS1 re-enacted the story of Christmas and the baby sheep’s reaction to baby Jesus and the angels news. With comedy and humour, the actress for the curious ewe was fantastic in learning her lines and acting it out perfectly through the rest of the performance. KS1 also sang a number of upbeat, happy songs which were: Hustle Bustle, Something’s Going On, How Much Further to Bethlehem?, Calypso Kings, Hey Ewe!, Gospel Angels and A King Is Born!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the children from KS1 and Reception performed twice to a hall packed full of their parents, they must be shattered now but they did a fantastic job.
The children really enjoyed learning their lines and perfecting and performing their production. Check out their nativity productions below and leave a comment.

By Mckensey

Dough Dough Disco

Dough Disco

On Monday 16th October, we had a dough disco after school. Parents and children were invited to take part and learn the dough disco moves. We learnt to smack, squeeze, roll, pinch and poke. All the actions helped the children to develop strength in their fingers in preparation for writing. This is very important as over time, they will begin to do lots more work and there little fingers will ache to death. This is some feedback that got:

“This is so fun!”

“This is a really good, fun activity that will help my child in the future,” stated a parent

It was a really great activity that everyone enjoyed please comment your thoughts and ideas down below this blog, it will really be appreciate! Hope you enjoyed your dough dough disco reception and parents.

Emily Mae

Reception Zoo Lab Visit 2017

On Wednesday, Reception had a very special visitor named Sophie, who was a ranger, and she brought in five animals for the children to have a look at and see what they felt like, moved like and acted like. It was very exciting and she had a lot of facts up her sleeves, telling them all about the animals she had brought in and how the equator was very hot and what countries and animals lived near it: also she talked about how the rainforest was a really warm, humid place that was next to the equator (the invisible line that runs all the way around the world). Another good fact, all the animals could be found in the rainforest!

The exotic animals that Sophie brought in included a huge python that the children got to hold (a snake!), there was a long 25 centimetre millipede which had 240 legs, tickling you as it walked across your hand; also there was a rat, ewww!; a huge cockroach, which did you know if you cut off its head it would still live for a month after (all the children went errrr!) and a giant snail, that has over 10,000 teeth but across the bottom of its body and has two types of slime – one of which is used for sticking and the other for sliding!

Miss Gardner even held a python: the children loved their visit from the Zoo Lab and have enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about their exotic animal friends!

By Mckensey