Year 6 Robin Wood Reminder

Next week, on Wednesaday the 20th of June, Year Six are going to Robin Wood for 3 days.
They will need a few items that they can take with them :

.Three T-Shirts (not vest type)

.Three sweatshirts/jumpers/hoodies/ fleeces – long sleeved tops

.Three pairs of trousers

.Two pairs of shorts, knee length

.Six sets of underwear

.Six pairs of socks

.One pair of trainers

.One pair of outdoor shoes/boots

.Two towels

.One coat , ideally waterproof

.One warm hat/sun hat

One pair of gloves

.One set of night wear

.One bag of toiletries, including suntan lotion/insect repellent in warm weather

.One black bin liner

We hope that you manage to fit it all in your bags and look forward to a fantastic few days away.

By Emily Mae and Taylor


4L class Assembly

Today,was 4L’s class assembly about their trip to Nell Bank and about what they did whilst there . They had a Countryfile theme with presenters interviewing their minibeast and pond dipping experts. These experts told us what they had caught such as a dragon fly nymph and newt. They also told us about how they had built dens and gone on a long walk up to Ilkley Moor. They then started to sing a song that they learnt at Nell Bank by Jack and John who were their teachers. It sounds like they had a wonderful time and it was a very interesting assembly.


5L class Assembly!

Today, with the help of Miss Lea 5L pulled off a fantastic assembly. The assembly was all about Ingleborough Hall and what work they did to prepare for their adventure and the work they did afterwards.

The assembly started off by talking about maps and what contour lines are. They then went on to tell us what they did the day they got there. They went to the famous Ingleborough Show Cave and they explained all about the myths behind the stones. They then told us that they went on many more activities like Gorge scrambling were they had to climb a dry river bed: also they climbed trees and went caving under ground where there were a series of challenges that were difficult in their own way.

They had a rhyme that was:

Lois was like Dr.Foster though she didn’t go to Gloucester but still went in a puddle right up to her middle and was nearly never seen again!

Year 5 had a fantastic time at Ingleborough Hall and loved putting together a fantastic assembly for us all to watch and enjoy!

By Alex

Ingleborough Hall Thursday

Today has been another jam packed day at Ingleborough Hall. It was full of fun activities which all the groups have now had a good at.
Group 1 : Long Walk
Group 2 : Long Walk
Group 3 : Caving and Village Study
Group 4 : Village Study and Caving
Group 5 : Gorge Scrambling and Tree Climbing
Group 6 : Tree Climbing and Gorge Scrambling
This even the children are all trying their hand at Country Dancing.
Take a look at the pictures today and leave some comments.

Ingleborough Hall Wednesday

Another brilliant day at Ingleborough Hall with lots and lots going on.
Group 1 : Gorge Scramble and Tree Climbing
Group 2 : Tree Climbing and Gorge Scramble
Group 3 : Long walk
Group 4 : Long walk
Group 5 : Caving and Village study
Group 6 : Village study and caving

Check out the pictures below.

Ingleborough Hall Tuesday

Wow! What a fantastic day at Ingleborough. The children have benn up to all sorts!
Group 1 started the day caving and then in the afternoon went on the village study.
Group 2 were on the village study in the morning and then caving in the afternoon.
Group 3, after breakfast, were gorge scrambling and then tree climbing.
Group 4 did the opposite, they started with tree climbing and spent the afternoon scrambling up a gorge.
Groups 5 and 6 were both of the long walk.
All the children have had a fantastic day and are now involved in their evening activities of Nightline, Batz, Tunnels/Telescope or DVD. Afterward it will be hot chocolates before bed so they have the energy to do it all again tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the pictures from today and leave some comments below.

Ingleborough Hall Monday

Today Year 5 arrived at Ingleborough Hall and after getting their kits issued it was straight into action as we were off the the Ingleborough Show Cave. In the caves we learnt all about the rock formations. After a quick march back to Ingleborough Hall, we had a fire alarm test before it was time for tea. Once tea was finished the children had a chance to explore the grounds and play outside before campfire stories with Dominic. Check out the pictures below and leave us a comment.

Y5’s Ingleborough Hall Kit List

Year 5 are very excited to be heading to Ingleborough next week!
This is the kit list they will need NEED to use:

Socks Thick walking socks (2 pairs); thin socks (at least 10 pairs/2 per day) Trainer socks should be avoided!
Underwear Enough for 2 changes per day.
Trousers Trousers suitable for outdoor wear, tracksuit bottoms/leggings ideal (4 pairs). NOT jeans,
NOT new! Wear one pair to travel in.
Swimsuit Great for underwear for wet activities!
Shorts One pair in case of heat wave or to wear under waterproof trousers if raining!
Headwear Woollen/fleece hat. Sun hat (!) that offers protection to ears & back of neck.
Gloves Thin woollen/fleece.
Jumpers Fleece (1), sweatshirt (2 max), selection of long and short sleeved t-shirts (old). Layers are
best. Try to avoid hoodies.
Sun protection High factor sunscreen for use on sunny days.
Midge repellent Can be useful during the May-September period.
Coat Although the centre will provide waterproofs it is recommended that your child brings a light
jacket or fleece.
Shoes Indoor footwear e.g. slippers or alternative (sensible).
Clothing Casual and comfortable. Only to be worn in an evening therefore a couple of changes of
indoor clothes are sufficient. Jeans can be worn indoors.
Night-clothes Whatever is normally worn at home (warm & suitable to be worn in public).
Toiletries Towel (hand & bath), comb/brush, shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush & paste,
hair bobbles.
Bin liner (poly bag) To put wet & muddy clothes in.

Please make sure all clothes are named as they will be left in drying rooms and so need to be collected/ handed out when dry. This is the main area clothes are lost as they are not labelled. It is your job to look after your own clothes as staff take no responsibility for un-named lost clothing.
It would be great for you to be present/involved with packing so they are aware of what you are taking.

By Alex

4Lo Assembly

This afternoon pupils and parents were treated to a very special episode of Countryfile from our very own Blakehill Primary School! Only kidding, it wasn’t the real show it was 4Lo putting on their own version (which we preferred) all about their residential trip to Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre in Ilkley! It was a fantastic assembly that told parents all about the great time the children had at Nell Bank and about some of the fun and exciting activities that they got up to. They spoke about doing pond dipping, a mini-beast hunt and  a long walk to, up and over Ilkley Moor. As well as all this the, children included a special episode of homes under the hammer in the assembly which they linked to their den building activity. They had to build a house out of sticks and branches of trees and then sell them to their class mates. However, I don’t think I’d have bought one for the prices they were asking and I don’t think the host was going to make an offer either. It was ended with a slideshow of pictures from the residential of the children while they were there and it looked like they had a super time. Well done on your assembly 4Lo, you did a fantastic job. check out the video below and leave them a comment to let them know how well they did!


By Brooke and Emily

4L Assembly!

Today, 4L did their class assembly all about their residential to Nell Bank, located on the outskirts of Ilkley Moor. Whilst they were there, they did certain activities including: Den Building – which they had to sell to their team leaders;orienteering(to help them with their P.E skills);a Mini-beast Hunt (which they did in an enclosed space of woodland); pond-dipping, which was in a outdoor mini-pool; and a long walk – where they saw a forest landscape!

Also, they did a skit of Countryfile,( which means that they did a copy of it), the assembly was very good and they deserved a BIG round of applause!

By Adam and Emily.