Ingleborough Hall – Thursday

Our last full day has been really eventful.
Each group has had the opportunity to engage in all the activities which were:

  • Gorge scrambling
  • Caving
  • Tree climbing
  • Long walk
  • Village study
  • Country dancing

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4J class assembly

This afternoon, Year Four had their class assembly about their residential to Nell Bank. To start off, they sang a song (that they had learnt whilst on their trip) to show off all of the exciting activities they had done. Two people in bright-orange jackets led the song and put actions with it and the rest of 4J followed.

They began to tell the audience about what they had done on their first day: mini beast hunting! They showed everybody what they found on their hunt, which was a centipede, an earthworm (did you know they breathe out of their skin?) and a woodlouse. As a treat, they got to go to the adventure playground for a little while as well as the water playground, where they got to play and have fun.

After a long, much-needed sleep, it was time for the next adventurous day, where they told the school all about the 7.5 mile walk they went on, from Nell Bank to Cow and Calf and then back again! Whilst at the Cow and Calf, the children were told a story about a giant, who lived near a huge, old cliff, with big boulders that were scattered around, and they really enjoyed it.

Tired out from their walk, we were told all about their experience of going to the adventure playground, which wore them out completely! On the last day, Year 4 went pond dipping and showed us some pictures of what they had found such as, a newt, baby snails and lots of other animals. Next, was the fantastic den building, and got to tell their groups all about their houses that they had built – someone even made a chandelier!

Sad, but glad to get back, the children finally went home, back to their parents, who they were very glad to see as some of the kids had never gone away without their mum and dad before. The children loved their trip and would have loved to stay longer. They performed a fantastic assembly to Blakehill!

By Emily Mae, Taylor and Mckensey













Year 1 Skipton Castle Trip

This week, Year 1 took a visit to Skipton Castle as part of their topic on Knights and Castles. Once they had got there, they took a guided tour of the castle, looking in all of the different rooms and learning about castle life hundreds of years ago. As they entered the castle, they looked up and saw all of the remnants of different types of stone and tar that had been thrown at the enemy all those years ago. The children really enjoyed learning about the knights in the castle and all the different ways of protecting the castle back then. They also loved the fact that from the toilet it led straight down into the mud hole below!

In the afternoon, the children did some more exploring of the castle after their delicious lunch and sat and drew some fantastic pictures of the castle, that was in front of them. They drew different things around the castle and loved to put their own twist on them. They went through all the different rooms and learnt what they were used for in the olden days, and also found that the crumbling, stone walls were really interesting as you could imagine them being freshly built and lined with soldiers.

The children loved the trip and would definitely love to go again. Their favourite part was definitely the old flushing toilet!

By Mckensey and Emily Mae

RG and RD trip to the Rainbow Factory

On Thursday 22nd February RG and RD went to the amazing Rainbow factory which was another of many trips. In their topic lessons, they have been learning about fairy tales and their class book was an old classic called Jack and the Beanstalk. When they got there, they went to watch the  performance of Jack and the Beanstalk which they all loved! They all joined in and they all enjoyed the fantastic, marvellous performance. They went into three different  workshops:  the first one they went into was the Drama workshop and the second one was the fairy tale workshop. After this, they got the chance to write about what was in the giant’s pocket and had to also had to draw pictures of what they thought was in the giant’s pocket! They had a fantastic time.

by Daniel and Taylor

Year 3 trip to the Industrial Museum

This week Year 3 travelled 10 minutes from school to the Industrial Museum Bradford. While they were there, they learnt all about the Industrial Revolution. Later, they began a first session where they began a tour and saw lots of sewing additionally spinning machines. They had draw pictures of each machine that they saw. During that session, they looked at 3 different houses which all had a different interior from a different year 1870’s, 1940’s and the 1970’s.

They began their second session, where they cleaned some wool also they removed some twigs and leaves. Then they vigorously combed it -which was hard work! After they carded their wool, Year 3 spun the wool on a spinning wheel.Eventually, they got to weave it and saw what they could create on the wheel whilst having a lot of fun and learning alot! Afterwards, the children played a game on the machine, pulling thread off of the wool! It was a lot of fun and they learned all about times long ago and what the past generations were like!

By Alex and help by Mckensey and Emily Mae

Year 2’s trip to Saltaire.

On Monday, Year 2 went to Saltaire village, more specifically to Saltaire church, where they went back in time to learn what it would be like. They met a lady called Mrs Dooley who told them about Titus Salt and what it was like to live in the village when it was first built.

They went on a tour to see what the village looked like and they were given bookmarks, which had a person from the past on and they had to find where the person lived and what job or thing they did.

Afterwards, they the went to the park but only the grass part was open they were all angry and frustrated, I imagine the would be writing letters to the owners. Miss Philip was very downhearted because she couldn’t go on the zip line! Instead, she did some drawing and found that just as fun! Once they had been to the park, they went through the mill and saw the David Hockney painting, picking up lots of facts. It was huge, and full of different vibrant colours; they loved it!

The trip was coming to an end, the children hopped back on the bus discussing interesting things they had learnt and laughing about their good memories. Miss Philip was looking forward to all the work they would do!

By Alex with help from Mckensey

Reception visit Thornton Hall farm.

On Tuesday the 7th of June, Reception class visited a fantastic day out at Thornton Hall  farm! The class Teacher quoted “We had an amazing day!”. They got to have a trip in a tractor all around the farm they saw sheep, cows and dear. Could you believe it they also got to feed the lambs and calves with milk from a bottle! They held a kit (a baby rabbit) and guinea pigs, stroked the chicks, goats, lambs and ducklings! Then they had their lunch, which they brought from home, or was provided by the school. After lunch, they went  egg collecting and went to see the horses and piglet. Then, they stroked cocoa the pony. When they had finished that, they all had ice-cream and played on the slides. They had a very busy day!

By Alex and Adam

Year 5 Coal Mining Trip

Today, Year 5 went to the Yorkshire Coal Mining Museum. They had a lot of fun and we would like to tell you all about it. First, once they had got there, some of the groups went to the coal pit. Before they went down, they looked down a large circular pit covered with glass, it was 169metres down! We were kitted up with a helmet and went to get a torch so that we could see what we were doing. In the lift, it was very scary as we dropped it jerked and everyone huddled together in little groups, terrified. When we got down there we walked down into the tunnels and John, our guide, showed us around and gave us information about the past. We even turned out the lights and suddenly a mouse appeared it was as dark as night.We got to keep piece of coal. John even told us a story about how on his first day the boss said ”keep you lunch away” he didn’t have a clue what he meant. He found out though! He came to eat and because he had it a paper bag it had gone  the mice had eaten every scrap. That is why they have copper tins for lunch.  We passed a coal pit and John smeared coal all over our face. Mrs Gould didn’t want to have any on but John caught her and put it all over her face. He showed us alot of things in the mine and we had a lot of fun.

After our lunch, we went to do 2 more activities with Aunty Brenda and Samuel in the art display. Samuel was a boy he worked in the mine but we met him as a man. He had a sister called Emily that is the best name.  A cousin George a dad mum and Bill the uncle but bill died he got crushed in the mine. He was in the mine at six years of age. Would you like that? The mine was a truly a horrible place to be. We all enjoyed the trip.


By Mckensey and Emily Mae


Year 3 York Museum

On Wednesday 22nd June Year 3 went to the Yorkshire museum in York to learn about Prehistoric Britain. They learnt all sorts about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Did you know the Stone Age is so long it is split into 3 parts, the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.They took part in a workshop were they learnt loads and even got a chance to hold some artefacts over 10000 years old! They had a go at weaving, cave drawing, making a shelter, making pottery,making a coin and even performed a hunting ceremony. They had a great time!

By Tom