Year 2 Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

On Thursday the 5th of July, Year 2 went on an amazing trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, as part of their animal learning in science! Eventhough the temperatures were through the roof, the children went around the park, looking at all the different animals, and learning some fun facts that they could use for their topic when they got back to school. Some of the animals they saw were: baboons, painted dogs, lemurs, wallabies, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, polar bears and meerkats.

They moved onto a fantastic workshop all about polar bears, and learned some interesting information about their lifestyle. Polar bears are becoming endangered due to the ice caps which are melting because of global warming. Not only that, but some polar bears have sadly had to swim for 9 days non stop, just to find the next iceberg, and because they are melting, their food, seals, are also disappearing. The children found out that they could help the situation by turning off lights and electricity when we are not using them. They also learnt some facts about the polar bears appearance: they have small ears to keep the heat in; black skin to absorb heat; their fur isn’t white – its transparent; they weigh the same as a small car and they have large paws to stop them falling through the ice!

Year 2 said they had a fantastic day and they had a brilliant time although it was really warm! They enjoyed learning all about the different animals and the polar bears, and really enjoyed their workshop – Oscar even said it was the best trip ever!

By Mckensey

Year 4 residential trip to Nell Bank

On the 19th of March 2018, Year 4 came to school in non-uniform with suitcases and luggage since they were going on a 2 night residential to Nell Bank. When we arrived at Nell Bank we met our Nell Bank leaders called Jack and John who started us on our first activity which was mini beast hunting.Next we had the chance to explore Nell Bank by taking part in the Nell Bank Habitat Trail.

Once we’d finished, we went to  Middleton to have our lunch before having the chance to go to the adventure and the water playground. We played a while until it was time for tea which tonight was sausage and mash with veg or jacket potato. Once we’d finished tea, teachers sorted us into our dormitories (the girls rooms were named Asquith and Hawksworth. The boys rooms were called Denton and  Rombalds). We headed over to our rooms and sorted our beds and got our pyjamas ready for bed. Soon after that, we headed back down to Middleton for a quiz,hot chocolate,a biscuit and Mr Lowe read Harry Potter before we headed to bed.

The next morning, we all woke up ready for our long 7 mile walk. We went to Middleton to eat chocolate spread,jam or butter toast and cornflakes or rice krispies. We then packed a rucksack and set off on the long walk which took all day. When we returned in the evening we had time for a quick play on the adventure playground before our tea which we wolfed down. After tea, since it was still light, we played out again before showering and getting ready for bed.

Once we were all ready for bed we chilled out with some colouring before singing happy birthday to Jess, Ava and Mrs Javed. We drank our hot chocolate and ate cake before wearily traipsing to our long awaited beds.

Waking up on our last day, we had a lot to do before starting our activities. We stripped our rooms and packed our bags before readying ourselves for the fun of pond dipping and den building. After lots of fun and teamworking, which led to some marvellous dens, it was time to come home and see our school mates and families.

We were tired but happy having had a fantastic time and would definitely go again!
We can’t wait for our Year 5 residential now!

By Pasha and Taylor

Year 5 Yorkshire Museum Trip!

After what seemed like hours upon days and months upon years, it was time for year 5’s school trip! They had been consistently learning about Anglo Saxons they had already learnt plenty; but were about to learn a whole lot more. Enthusiastically, lots of curious children waited to arrive at the location of their day. Sitting bored, like watching paint dry, people played games and talked to there neighbour – the person who sat next to them- after 1 hour…

” We have arrived!” Mrs Hall smiled.                                                                  
” First we have a bit of a walk,” pointed out Mrs Russell.                                           
” Don’t leave anything on the bus,” worried Mrs Brook.
As we walked, we saw lots of interesting points like a wall built by the Anglo Saxons; we all realised where they were in York although we did know were we were going, we did not expect to see something like that just there. We journeyed  on – we were going to York Museum!

Our first thing after learning the rules and putting our delicious lunch away,was all about where the different tribes settled. A huge map lay like a carpet across the floor and we put different little figures, that were like statues, of the Angles, the Saxons, the Romans, the Normans and the Vikings. This pinpointed the different parts of the map that they all came from and their way of attacking York and Britania (an Anglo Saxon word for England). After we split into groups, we went round the tables and did a human timeline, making our own Saxon coins, circling what a man or a woman would have on them, labelling which parts of the world the armies came from and to top it all off, we learnt how to sword fight!

After a quick lunch, we jumped onto our next activity, firstly talking around the carpet and discussing our tasks. Then, we had to discover clues of who stole the bread from Aelle. Along the way, we did lots of creative tasks involving; weaving bracelets, wove wool to make a blanket, played a game of knucklebone and Myrles, used stylus’ to copy the front of a helmet and used a quill with ink to colour in an old picture. It turns out the beastly eight year old Harold, who did not like the bread, sabotaged the feast and was the theif who stole the bread! As his punishment, he got wacked with a stick for 10 mins in front of everyone. Sadly, it was then time to leave and we all packed up, went to the toilet and trooped off back to the bus. It was a fantastic day, had by all and everybody enjoyed it!

By Emily Mae and Mckensey

2P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2P performed to us a fantastic assembly all about habitats and global warming. They have been covering this topic in science over the past term and have learnt a lot about wildlife and places which suffer from global warming. To help with this subject, they went on a school trip the last Thursday , before half-term,  to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! While they were there, they saw lots of exciting animals including: raccoons, lemurs, lions, polar bears and a lot more! To pack in more fun, they did an interesting polar bear workshop which Miss Philips quoted, “It was AMAZING!” They saw all the different animals in their natural (recreated) habitats  and learnt that the biggest habitat in the world was the ocean! When they got back, they learnt more on polar bears and how they are one of the animals that live in an extreme weather condition and are a victim to global warming. As well as this, the class used the internet to research more about the animals they saw and their habitats. Proved by their assembly, they have learnt a lot and their brains must be bursting full of information! Well done 2P!

By Mckensey and Adam

4Lo Assembly

This afternoon pupils and parents were treated to a very special episode of Countryfile from our very own Blakehill Primary School! Only kidding, it wasn’t the real show it was 4Lo putting on their own version (which we preferred) all about their residential trip to Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre in Ilkley! It was a fantastic assembly that told parents all about the great time the children had at Nell Bank and about some of the fun and exciting activities that they got up to. They spoke about doing pond dipping, a mini-beast hunt and  a long walk to, up and over Ilkley Moor. As well as all this the, children included a special episode of homes under the hammer in the assembly which they linked to their den building activity. They had to build a house out of sticks and branches of trees and then sell them to their class mates. However, I don’t think I’d have bought one for the prices they were asking and I don’t think the host was going to make an offer either. It was ended with a slideshow of pictures from the residential of the children while they were there and it looked like they had a super time. Well done on your assembly 4Lo, you did a fantastic job. check out the video below and leave them a comment to let them know how well they did!


By Brooke and Emily

4L Assembly!

Today, 4L did their class assembly all about their residential to Nell Bank, located on the outskirts of Ilkley Moor. Whilst they were there, they did certain activities including: Den Building – which they had to sell to their team leaders;orienteering(to help them with their P.E skills);a Mini-beast Hunt (which they did in an enclosed space of woodland); pond-dipping, which was in a outdoor mini-pool; and a long walk – where they saw a forest landscape!

Also, they did a skit of Countryfile,( which means that they did a copy of it), the assembly was very good and they deserved a BIG round of applause!

By Adam and Emily.


Catapult Competition!

This week an interesting letter was sent out as part of our terrific Science week! The challenging competition was to design your own catapult! And you even get to make it out of recyclable materials and name it.

This Catapult had to be made out of certain material (recyclable): cereal boxes, milk bottle lids, yoghurt pots, lollipop sticks. Also your model is not allowed to be bigger than A4 paper, the idea for this is to shoot a ping pong ball out of the catapult. There is a price to enter but it is all going to the prize for Science Week, the cost is a small charge, which is 50p. Their will be one winner from Reception and Key Stage 1 and another winner from Key Stage 2. The closing date for the competition is 25th of May 2017 (next Thursday) and the winners will be announced on the 26th Friday May 2017.

We look forward to seeing for fantastic designs and catapults for the competition and we will see who wins. Good Luck!

By Brooke and Alex

Year 4 look at the digestive system!

This week  Year 4 have stated to study the digestive system. As part of their studies they had to recreate it in groups using a banana and chocolate spread sandwich, cutlery, water, vinegar, a bowl, a plastic wallet, and some tights .
To begin they made the chocolate and banana spread sandwich which then they chopped up into small pieces, like our front teeth do (the incisors). Then then got their hands really messy by shoved them into the sandwich and squashing it and mixed it up with some water which represented the molars (the teeth at back in your mouth)and the water represented saliva made in the mouth.
Next, into the plastic wallet it went were they had to squish it while vinegar got poured in! This was to show the stomach mixing everything together like a cement mixer and the vinegar was the stomach acid which helps to break food down into nutrients for the body.  
After they had mixed the food and vinegar up they poured the mixture in some tights which acted as the intestines.The intestines are were nutrients and water are taken into the body to be used. To show all the nutrients and water being taken out of the mixture by the body they squeezed the tights over a bowl.
Once all the water was squeezed out the mixture became more solid and they cut the bottom of the tights and squeezed out the mixture onto a plate. This acted as the rectum and the faeces passing out of the body. They had a brilliant time recreating the digestive system and some of them said it was the best science lesson ever! They are already enjoying this topic and I hope that will carry on!
Take a look at the pictures and see what a great time they had!
By Alex

Year 4 Nell Bank Residential

Fantastic, thought Mr Lowe as the bus pulled up just in time. Today, Mr Lowe’s favourite days of the year was finally here, Year 4 were about to take a step into the interesting wild; where butterfly fluttered and mint green plants sprouted to the mask. Loading on the bus ,like their bags, they waved and smiled to their loving parents.After a short time,’SCREECH’ went  the bus, they had arrived!

Already nervous, they met Ruth and Mel, who were extremely nice to then they quickly went  through the rules so they could get to the fun! Once they had dropped their bags off at the cosy dorms, they went off to do a fire drill with the leaders. Finally prepared for their stay ahead, they split off into groups and went to the ponds to do pond dipping and down to the fields to do an interesting mini beast hunt! Hungry and tired out after their eventful day, they still found some energy in them and went off to play on the Adventure area before tea.

After tea, they went back on the play area and even got to have a game of cricket on the field. Worn out and feeling cold and fulfilled, everybody went to sip on a hot chocolate before bed. “mmm” Unfortunately, the first night was a little rocky sleep wise as their minds were full of thoughts of the next day.

After breakfast, everyone got ready for the moor walk. From Nell Bank up to Ilkley Moor, they explored the countryside to the Cow and calf and then back up to Nell Bank. It was 7 and a half miles in total! Wow! They’re definitely ready for Ingelbrough Hall, where they walk 9 miles! They had lunch up on the moor – Madinah’s sandwich was stolen by a dog! When they had returned and had a rest, they did the habitat trail around the site. The adventure play and water play was taken over by the crowds of children! Alas, it was time for tea and a shower before cosy bedtime – they all went to sleep much quieter this time from the tiring walk!

The last day! Everybody packed their cases and left the dorms neatly before breakfast. Afterwards, they did orienteering and exciting den building! (Mr Lowe’s group built the best!) This was when they waved goodbye and hopped back on the coach on their way back to school. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new skills. When they were back at school, they were very excited to see their parents and trundled home to their warm beds and back to normal routine!

Mckensey and Emily Mae

Year 5 Solar System Project

In Year 5, they are learning about the Solar System. As part of their learning they put the planets in order and used spherical shapes to make the planets. The smallest object was used for the smallest planet. They did the steps from the sun to the planets at a scaled down distance for example Neptune was 79 steps from the sun and Mercury was only 1 step away from Earth. They made the planets all relative sizes and they used something to cover it and make it actually look like the planet. It all looks amazing! I hope they are enjoying learning all about space!

By Adam