6G’s Class Assembly

This Friday, 6G performed an amazing class assembly all about fierce, brave vikings. At the start, while people entered the hall, music played when suddenly, they begun…

They all gave us a warm welcome just before we heard one person scream, “THE VIKINGS ARE COMING!” We all had a laugh and they started to sing a song called ‘Heave Ho’. After that, they all began telling us amazing facts, such as ‘ Vikings used ships called longboats,’ ‘Viking hats didn’t have horns,’ and ‘They would drink something called Mead out of something called a drinking horn.’ 

We were all impressed by how much they knew and how they managed to put so many facts into one assembly, some people even managed to read out some pieces of work (which were brilliant.)

At the end of the assembly, they all sung a song called ‘ Viking Rock ‘. To add to the entertainment, some people wore wigs and funny hats and they all did funny actions. Everyone laughed and had an amazing time at the assembly. Now none of us can wait for their huge production that should be at the very end of the school year.

By Libby G

RD Class Assembly

Today (Friday 1st February 2019) the children of reception performed their very first assembly in front of the whole school. They talked all about their learning on dinosaurs and the exciting history that goes with it.

They first listed some of the different types dinosaurs  such as: Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex , Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and many more! They then showed us some of their pictures, which were amazing, that they drew all by themselves.

Next, they acted like cavemen and dinosaurs which was really entertaining! After that, reception showed us how people used to live like back in the days of dinosaurs. They used the information from the book ‘Dinosaurs in underpants’ to share with us all these amazing facts that they have discovered. All the children spoke with beautifully clear voice and had learnt all of their words off by heart.

It was a brilliant assembly and we certainly cannot wait for their next one!

By Aminah, Taylor and Libby G.

Year 2 Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

On Thursday the 5th of July, Year 2 went on an amazing trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, as part of their animal learning in science! Eventhough the temperatures were through the roof, the children went around the park, looking at all the different animals, and learning some fun facts that they could use for their topic when they got back to school. Some of the animals they saw were: baboons, painted dogs, lemurs, wallabies, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, polar bears and meerkats.

They moved onto a fantastic workshop all about polar bears, and learned some interesting information about their lifestyle. Polar bears are becoming endangered due to the ice caps which are melting because of global warming. Not only that, but some polar bears have sadly had to swim for 9 days non stop, just to find the next iceberg, and because they are melting, their food, seals, are also disappearing. The children found out that they could help the situation by turning off lights and electricity when we are not using them. They also learnt some facts about the polar bears appearance: they have small ears to keep the heat in; black skin to absorb heat; their fur isn’t white – its transparent; they weigh the same as a small car and they have large paws to stop them falling through the ice!

Year 2 said they had a fantastic day and they had a brilliant time although it was really warm! They enjoyed learning all about the different animals and the polar bears, and really enjoyed their workshop – Oscar even said it was the best trip ever!

By Mckensey

2P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2P showed off their fantastic assembly that they have been working on over this week on the topic ‘Saltaire’. The class has researched what life was like in the Victorian era – they found out that the living conditions were awful and they even threw their wee and poo in the river. But the most disgusting thing of all was that they drank from it! Back in those days, there were no toilets or running water so they had to get it from the nearby river or the mill. People who worked in the mills were at work for a long period of time every day; it was in awful conditions and everybody had to start at 6 o’clock! Could you imagine?

Children were usually half-timers (they went to school for half they day and worked the other half) but some even worked full time. After a few years, a disease called Cholera was beginning to spread and more and more people were beginning to get ill and unable to work and even keep themselves healthy. The children learnt about Titus Salt and how he wanted these laws to change for the better so he moved out of Bradford, bought some land and that is when he built the whole of Saltaire. He named it this because of Salt, his last name, and Aire, from the name of the river near his land. Over time, he developed and built Salts Mill, houses, a hospital, which got rid of the disease after a long period of time, and a park, where people could go to get fresh air and spend time together instead of being cooped up in the house and just doing the same thing every day.

This topic was very interesting but fun for the class to learn about over this term and loved learning about Titus Salt and his man-made town!

By Mckensey

3P Assembly

This afternoon, 3P did a class assembly based on the Egyptians and their school trip to Cliff Castle.  They had many interesting facts that they had learnt about the Egyptians and  told everyone in the assembly. Not only did they tell us facts, they told us about mummification! To show us how a body was mummified they had two demonstrates and a pharaoh ( Elliot ). To do this, they poured salt and water over the pharaoh and had to wait 40 days for it to dry. After the long wait, they wrap it in bandages and lay the mummy in the tomb. If it is a special person (pharaohs) they were put in a pyramid or in the Valley of the Kings with  tonnes of treasure, including jewels and gold, so that they would be rich in their afterlife. Tutankhamen was the most famous pharaoh to ever be known. His tomb was found in the Pyramid in the Valley of the Kings, full of gold and jewels.

They then told us about two Ancient Egyptian Gods Osiris and Isis, who were husband and wife. They were told by God called Set  to try and fit in a beautiful  box that was being sent around and  that whoever fitted in the box could keep it (however, they didint know that Set had created the box as a trap for Isis). When the box was sent around Isis was the one who fitted it, little did he know that that he was  going to be sent of into the River Nile to die.

Well Done 3P for all of your hard work!

By Brooke and Mckensey

4Lo Class Assembly

This term Year 4 have been digging into the topic of WW2 and 4Lo have been sharing their learning about this in their assembly today. They talked all about the bombed out streets of London during the Blitz and about the stranded soldiers on the beach of Dunkirk in France. As well as this, they spoke about their class book they have been reading – Friend or Foe, the book by Michael Morpurgo, which is a story about 2 boys who are evacuated from London and settled into new families who will take care of them in the countryside. However, a German bomber plane crash lands and they save one of the pilots behind the backs of their carers. From this story they created their own versions as well as  creating diaries, imagining that they had been evacuated. They read out their responses to hearing Chamberlain’s war announcement and wrote a diary about it. The class also drew pictures of the evacuees from World War 2 and they really enjoyed the topic that they have been learning about this term! They presented their learning really clearly and we are very impressed with how much they knew!

Alex and Mckensey


4L’s Assembly

This afternoon 4L did an Assembly about World War 2. They told us all about the writing they have been doing, the school trip they went on and their work in topic. The trip was to Pickering in North Yorkshire where they were evacuated on a steam train. 4L sang  Run Rabbit Run Rabbit to us ,which they had learnt whilst on the train. The work they told us about  included the learning they have done around Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. They read out their writing and used loud, clear voices.

By Amelia and Emily Mae

Year 4 visit Danelaw

Year 4 went on a school trip to Danelaw to learn about Romans life. They have been looking at them this term in their Topic lessons.

While they were there they took part in a number of activities which included; training to be Roman soldiers, guarding a Roman fort and defending it from invasion. They even had the chance to eat similar foods that the Romans would have had thousands of years ago.
As you can see from the pictures, they had a great time and the weather was fantastic!