What would you do? By Class 6 in Media Literacy

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Class 6 What Would You Do? from Cath on Vimeo.

Class 6 explores different responses to a homeless man on the streets of Halifax. We watched part of his story and began to empathise with a passer-by.  How might he respond to this homeless man? We share our thoughts in the first of a number of videos. Class 6 - why don't you blog your thoughts about Media Literacy for others to read? Are you enjoying our new lessons? What have you enjoyed so far? Why do we find it so enjoyable? What are you looking forward to in the next series of lessons? What would you say to persuade other teachers to use it in their classes? Would you recommend it? Happy Blogging  :)
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20 Responses to What would you do? By Class 6 in Media Literacy

  1. bbateacher says:

    Great work Year 6. A fantastic response to your first piece of Media Literacy work.

    • Lily says:

      We are all really enjoying media literacy this half term because we have been waching videos on ; gareths story (happy days),girl and the fox and in a heartbeat. i’ve also really enjoying making videos about what we would do to help gareth or just leve him sat on the floor at the side of wilkinsons.
      we’ve really enjoyed it thank you miss binns.

      • Libby says:

        i really enjoyed media literacy this term and i would definatly recommend it to other teachers around Calderdale. we also really enjoyed doing the disison wheels for Gareth’s story and learning all the different camera shots. it has been realy fun thank you to miss binns and the rest of year six.

  2. Eloise & Issy says:

    We enjoy making our own videos because it is different to any other lesson we’ve had. We can’t wait for our next media literacy lesson because we can’t wait to learn more!!!!

  3. Alex and Willis says:

    Well done class 6! The video looks really good. Our favourite reader on the video was Oliver’s explanation; I thought he had very good reasons and he was also quite funny. Keep it up Class 6!

  4. Isabellle says:

    I am really enjoying the Media Literacy lessons because they are very different to any other lessons I’ve ever done. My favourite part of Media Literacy is learning about the different camera shots and how you use each one in a different way to create a different effect. I am looking forward to making my own videos and learning more techniques for filming and creating different feelings throughout the film. I would recommend this topic to another teacher because it is fun and your writing gets better and you get to learn how to make films.

  5. KieranJ says:

    Wow that turned out good, we worked very hard for this video and it was fun to make media literacy is one of my favourite subjects and I would recommend it to all primary schools because it gives you a fun education. So far we have learned about mini movies such as , The Girl and the Fox , In A Heart Beat and Gareth’s me it made me sympathise for him. It is easier for the teachers because everyone enjoys watching videos of the internet so there will no fuss in class

  6. Jessica says:

    Well done year 6 ,i really enjoyed making the dission wheels in teams i would recomend the video to teachers and i would also recomed the dission wheels to teachers because it helps children think about how much thing they have got compered to homeless people.

  7. Daisy says:

    I enjoy media literacy very much, I think it is a lot better than normal literacy! My favourite part so far is when we learned about the different shots as I didnt know any of them and I didn’t know that shots would have names. I would definitely recomend media literacy as it is fun and its is different to normal literacy, lots of people like films and videos and this is kind of similar to making one and when you watch anougher film you will be able to know the camera shots in the film.

  8. Joshua says:

    I thought that the video was extremely amazing and I would definetely reccomend it for other numerous teachers to use in their lessons because it gets the children to show their point of view clearly in a brilliant way, one after another. The background music also had a dramatic and saddened effect to help you empathise to Gareth, the unfortunate man who we have been talking about. Thank you miss Bins for making the video as it made everyone who watched it at home feel for Gareth.

  9. jorja and sophie says:

    We think the video was great! Our favourite readers where Sophie Mc and Oliver C because they used lots of description and so much enthusiasm.We would reccomend using media literacy because its a fun and exciting way to inprove your writing skills.

  10. Lucy says:

    Well done year 6, I enjoyed reading my comment on the video.I find media literacy fun because we write about alot of different things.I am exited to learn more about Garath and Joe and about different storys.Other teachers should use this in their classes because you can enjoy writing about different storys and lots of other things to enjoy.

  11. Oliver says:

    I have really been enjoying Media Literacy over the past few weeks. In particular I’ve enjoyed watching different videos (which I do all the time at home) like In A Heartbeat and Gareth’s Story which were hugely inspiring. Media Literacy puts a modern twist on Literacy which is normally quite mediocre. I’m really looking forward to making a video to promote and prevent Homelessness at Christmas Time and throughout the year. Thank you Miss Binns for making this term different to al others.

  12. sophie and daniel says:

    Well done to everyone who was in the film and took part. Good voices and comments on being in joes shoes. when it was on Alex he did well. He was looking at the screen and talking clearly all the time.Joe would have reasponded in a good way to Gareth (the homeless man) and helped him in good manner. We are enjoying the lessons. Our favourite lesson in media literacy was when we were to find the sound,colours,setting,characters and the full story of Gareth’s life story when he was homeless. We think it would be good to start inspiring teatchers to use it. It will realy help the ks1 and when they are juniors they will be geniuses in literacy.

  13. Emily says:

    When we first did media lieracy, we learned all the camera shots and then we got some homework where we had to remmber and draw all the different camera shots and label them. The second week we watched two videos one: The girl and the fox, two: In a heartbeat. The week after that, we watched a video about a homeless man called Gareth and his struggle through life,-when the video was over, we all imagined what we might do if we were passers-by. I look forward to doing this weeks media literacy!

  14. Holly says:

    I think media literacy is great to get ideas flushing through your brain.It is a great way to learn.
    I recommend media literacy because the videos you can watch are spectacular and it makes you think about things more than words on a page.It shows the meaning of every thing and every one.

    This video shows that everyone is imortant,and that we should be genorous to the people that are not as fortunate as we are today.

  15. Caitlyn Shaina says:

    Yes we are enjoying our midia litracy lessons in class.so far I have enjoyed watching the videos in our midia litracy lessons.I find it so enjoyable because we are watching lodes of different videos.I am looking forward to everything we do because it is so fun.To persuade other teachers to use it i would say its great like it is.Yes i would tell people to use it because thay will learn lodes and it is amazing.I hope to be able to do some painting of the class in the 4 different camra shots that we have leant

  16. Alex says:

    I have been really enjoying our lessons in Media Literacy because I like watching videos and also learning about the different Camera Shots and the different angles to determine the viewpoints of the character/s. I would definitely recommend Media Literacy lessons to teachers because it is really fun for the teachers and the children and they also find out lots of interesting facts. It is especially good for pupils that would like a director or a camera man.

  17. Ellie mc says:

    I realy like media litracey because it is realy fun and you get to watch vidios and act them out in your own way.

  18. caitlyn says:

    Midia literacy is realy fun I really enjoyed looking the Visio on garaths story thank you miss bins and the rest of year six keep it up. I wild defenetly recommend it to other teachers and other schools.

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