Down the Rabbit Hole

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Perfect picture!

What will happen when the girl reaches the bottom of the tunnel?

Can you describe what will happen next?

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Superhero Treats

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Story starter!

Despite being a superhero, spending the majority of his time battling against crime and dangerous villains in Gotham City with an array of different skills and deadly weapons, Batman had a weakness for chicken nuggets.

The other superheroes were also making the most of their afternoon off from saving the world. However, they didn’t have long: soon they would have to get back to business…

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Air Hotel 3000

image of the day

It is the year 3000, and the new ‘Air Hotel 3000’ is embarking on its maiden trip!

Can you write an advertisement for this new type of hotel?

Consider the following questions to help you:

What features do you think this new type of hotel has?

How is it similar/different to hotels/holidays we go on today?

How many people do you think can travel on the Air Hotel 3000?

Where do you think it might be heading on its voyage?

Who is flying it? How is it controlled?

How do you think the hotel is powered?

How do you think it lands?

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The Frozen Palace

Story starter!

Once, this place had been filled with colour and sunshine. Once, this place had seen thousands of people come and go. Once, this had been the happiest of places, filled with laughter and joy.

Now, everything was cold. Everyone was gone. Well, almost everyone…

Can you continue the story? What has happened to the palace? Who is it that remains?

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Midsummer Station

image of the day

Sentence challenge!

Which of these sentences are statements? Which are questions? Which are commands?

The station hovers in the sky.

Park your plane next to the station!

How is that even possible?

The lights help to guide incoming vehicles.

Watch out for the trees!

Can you write any sentences of your own?

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Sentence challenge!

Can you use a series of questions in your writing? Remember to use a question mark!

E.g. What was that mysterious scraping noise coming from the other side? Was it wise to venture further inside?

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Look Down!

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What different things do you think the boys can see?

How do you think they are feeling?

Who is travelling in the plane?

Do you think the pilot is aware of their presence?

Why do you think the boys are on the plane’s wing?

How high up do you think they are?

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Lost and Found!

Imagine you are one of the divers making the discovery. What else will you find buried underneath the sand? Describe what you have imagined.


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The Strange Ship!

Story Starter!

Can you complete the rest of the story? A prize will be given to the best story.


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Shrouded in a veil of sea mist, the ghostly galleon swept through the black ocean waves. One minute you saw her, the next you didn’t. She was like no other ship. Blink, and you missed her…

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What am I?

Can you find the answer to these riddles?

  1. I will disappear every time you say my name.
  2. The more you take away from me, the bigger I shall get.
  3. I can fly but I have no wings. I can cry but I have no eyes. Wherever I go, darkness follows me.
  4. I can be cracked, made, told, and played.
  5. I am gentle enough to soothe your skin, light enough to fly in the sky, strong enough to crack rocks.

Good luck!

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