Row row row your boat

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Ready to climb the terrific trees

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To the Gorge

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Even the caves needed a flossing

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Wonderous Walkers

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The Invasion

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Sentence challenge!

Good writers always try to start sentences in different and interesting ways. Can you write a sentence that begins with a noun?

E.g. The warrior, who was nervous at the site that greeted him, gripped his spear tightly.

A comma always follows the noun, and the sentence contains a relative clause in the middle.

The warrior,

The horse,

A robot,

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Surreal Dream

image of the day

Have you ever had a dream that has felt incredibly realistic?

Have you ever had a dream about something that has come true?

If you could design the perfect dream what would it be like?

Why do you think you only remember some of the dreams you have and not all of them?

What do you think our brains do when we are sleeping?

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Down the Rabbit Hole

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Perfect picture!

What will happen when the girl reaches the bottom of the tunnel?

Can you describe what will happen next?

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Superhero Treats

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Story starter!

Despite being a superhero, spending the majority of his time battling against crime and dangerous villains in Gotham City with an array of different skills and deadly weapons, Batman had a weakness for chicken nuggets.

The other superheroes were also making the most of their afternoon off from saving the world. However, they didn’t have long: soon they would have to get back to business…

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Air Hotel 3000

image of the day

It is the year 3000, and the new ‘Air Hotel 3000’ is embarking on its maiden trip!

Can you write an advertisement for this new type of hotel?

Consider the following questions to help you:

What features do you think this new type of hotel has?

How is it similar/different to hotels/holidays we go on today?

How many people do you think can travel on the Air Hotel 3000?

Where do you think it might be heading on its voyage?

Who is flying it? How is it controlled?

How do you think the hotel is powered?

How do you think it lands?

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