Last half term the healthy living committee met with Mrs Parfitt to discuss a suggestion from the children that they would like to have scooters on the playground.

The council were asked to find out the cost of the scooters and how many the budget would allow the children to buy. The children also linked with the health and safety committee to discuss the best and safest place for the scooters to be used.

After discussions and a budget in mind the council then searched the internet for the best value for money scooters.

The council purchased 4 scooters for the children to use at playtimes and lunchtimes (adult supervised) and presented them to the children in school council assembly. Big cheers were given all round!

The children love the scooters and play on them in area 3 which was voted the best place for the children to play safely. The children take turns on the scooters and share them responsibly. Hamaad from the behaviour committee kept a watchful eye on the very few children who were not taking care of the scooters and spoke to them! This then stopped. Well done Hamaad.

More scooters are to be purchased once the council have decided which scooters purchased were the strongest and best value for money.

More things are planned for the playground next half term, but please remember to use your classroom council boxes if you want to request something that you would like to see happen or change.

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