Attendance Drop-in for parents

Thank you to all the parents that attended our Parent Attendance drop-in.

Kashmiri Kaur (Education Welfare Officer) called in to chat to parents that had questions to ask about attendance.

Mrs Blythe (Inclusion Manager) and Mrs Ear l(Administrator ) also attended to answer any questions that parents had around attendance.

Attendance is vital to a child’s attainment and it is noted that children who do not achieve 95% attendance will suffer with attainment and fall behind their peers. The school has lots of attendance reward incentives to achieve the 95% attendance target, but the main responsibility lies with parents in ensuring that their child attends school on a regular basis.

At Fagley Primary School we offer lots of support to parents who do have difficulties getting their children to school each day, all parents need to do is ask.

The parents who attended the drop –in were delighted to receive cakes baked by the children and fresh fruit provided by Children Centre staff.

A raffle was held for parents attending the event and Christine Free won a prize, which was a diary. Christine commented that the diary would be useful so that she could book in all dates to avoid days off school for her child!

Once again thank you to all the parents who attended the event.

We hope it was informative and answered your questions and provided support.

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