Sharing Tree Stories with Rowan Group

After a frosty afternoon of spring bulb planting, Rowan group headed inside for a warming up of malted milk. We also took the opportunity to share one of Claire Hewitt’s tree stories. With December just around the corner, Rowan group chose to listen to the ‘Pine and Holly’ story. Claire has compiled an informative and enchanting collection of 12 stories, one for each month of the year, each centering round a particular tree and the folklore attached to it. The stories can be found by following this link: Forestry Commission Tree StoriesBelow is an extract from
the story of the ‘Pine and Holly’

It was mid winter.Snow and ice lay thick upon the earth.It was a hard enough time for the forest creatures, but one wild windy night, a wee robin was carried far from the shelter of his home, and with a broken wing he could not fly back.
He did not know what to do. He looked all round to see if there was any place he could keep warm. “Perhaps one of the trees will shelter me until my wing is mended” he thought.
So he hopped and fluttered with his broken wing towards the forest.
The first tree he came to was a slim silver birch.
“Lady of the Forest,” he said, “will you let me live in your branches until I can fly again?”
“I would of course but I am afraid you might break my slender branches” said the gentle birch as the wee bird shivered and puffed up his feathers to keep warm.
“Why don’t you go and ask my friend the Oak. He is big and strong and I am sure will give you better shelter than I can offer.”
So off the wee bird hopped and fluttered until he came to the Oak.
“Oh King of the Forest,” called Robin, “please will you let me sit amongst your great branches until my wing is mended?”

To read on follow the link above or ask Miss Worthington for a printed copy of the stories to share with your family

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