Pow! The New 2015-2016 Prospectus is Here!

Picture1Lead Officer for the Family Learning Service,  Sarah Odor, writes:

It is that time of year again and our new Family Learning Service prospectus for 2015-2016 is now available (click on picture). We hope that you are keen to book in courses for the new academic year.

We have made a number of changes to the courses on offer this year and hopefully there will be something for everyone, so please take the time to study the new prospectus and make your choices early.

The vast majority of courses continue to be available free of charge as long as learners meet the eligibility criteria for our funding (as outlined on page 7 of the prospectus).  We have also introduced a pricing structure allowing schools to invest in Family Learning via the pupil premium for those parents and carers who may have previously been excluded due to our funding restrictions.

The Family Learning team look forward to working with you again in the new school year and we hope 2015-2016 will be successful and enjoyable for us all. We look forward to receiving your application form.


‘Sexting’ – The Bare Facts

Updated warnings  for families and children have been released on so called ‘Sexting’, where explicit pictures are sent between children /teenagers via social media. Child protection officers say that it is on the rise, with one case being investigated each day in the UK  according to the  the National Crime Agency. It is claimed that sending explicit or nude pictures amongst teenagers happens more frequently and at a younger age, than was once thought.

Once pictures are on the internet,  they can be shown permanently.

Childline, The Think u Know website,  together with the  Child Exploitation Online  and Protection  Service (CEOPS) have updated their advice about ‘Sexting’.
Click on the picture to learn more about sexting.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Videos

Please click on the link to see BBC report :

BBC sexting report


Lets Get It Right – Prospectus Lift Off On Monday June 15th 2015 @ 14:00 BST!!

The launch of the 2015 prospectus is almost here!

But we want to get it right.

We’ll launch it at the beginning of  next week,  rather than at the end of this one.  This also gives us the opportunity to get it right, first time.  So Monday afternoon it will be here,  in all its glory –  promise!

FL LOGOThe Family Learning Service aims to support and develop positive relationships between mums,  dads, carers and their children, as well as between schools and centres that we serve.

‘Research shows that Family Learning could increase the overall level of childrens development by as much as 15 percentage points for those from disadvantaged groups’ – NIACE



Family Learning celebrates success!

The Family Leaning Service celebrated exam success with learners this autumn. Seventy learners,  from venues across the Bradford district, came together in Manningham  to collect awards presented this year by Imran Hafeez, the manager of the Bradford Literacy Hub.Learners were also inspired by Imran’s moving and thought provoking poetry. Additionally,  they made historical jigsaws, created their own rap songs

and  dressed in period costumes in keeping with the theme of ‘Learning from the Past’.