Oct 16

Storm Of The Night…

The sea was calm;
The Sun was bright.
Suddenly a furious storm covered the light.

It soon grew dark,
A storm crashed in,
Suddenly went from daylight to dim!

Out of the mountain,
A rainbow shot up;
with red, yellow and blue.

Soon the storm was cleared,
The violet sky,
Suddenly had been revealed!

Peace at last,
The sea was calm;
and the sun shone bright,
It quickly went from day to night.

The stars rose up,
As bright as street lamps,
On the island the grass was damp.

I lay glancing up,
At the midnight sky,
Watching the night go by…


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  1. Mr Oswin

    I really enjoyed reading your poem. I’ve been near the sea when a storm comes in and the weather can change very quickly.

  2. Jeremy Guyler

    your poem is excellent, Jessica, well done. I especially like the second to last verse. Very good simile. Mr G Combe Martin Primary School in North Devon

  3. Mrs Prince

    Beautiful imagery! Well done!

  4. MrsP

    What a fantastic poem. Do you mind if I share it with my class when we go back to school next week? I think they’ll be impressed and hopefully inspired. Well done. Keep writing! Mrs P

  5. Aimee

    Jess and Daisy worked verry hard when they worked on the blog with there poem! 🙂

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