Oct 21

George’s Stone Age Report Year 3


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  1. Mrs Callaghan

    Fantastic report with lots of information
    Well done

  2. Mrs Callaghan

    Fantastic report with lots of information. Well done

  3. George

    I did this on google drive and then loaded it onto the blog it was awesome.

  4. Mr Slater

    Well done George, you have used all the features of report writing! Great use of technical language!

  5. Thomas J

    Well done George for great use of conjunctions – fantastic work!

  6. Julie Clark

    This is a brilliant piece of work George. Well done!

  7. Mr Gaunt

    Great IT skills George to create the Google doc and to embed into the blog – however I was also pleased with the paragraphs, formatting of the text and the layout of the text and pictures
    Well Done

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