Dec 02

Stone Age instructions byThomas F, Year 3!


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  1. Thomas F

    I made this by working on imperative verbs and time conjunctions to build up a set of instructions. We also went on to google drive and typed our up leveled versions. It was lots of fun because my password didn’t work! In the end my teacher found out the password, phew. I loved it. Now I know how to blog I am happy. Thank you Mr. Slater.

  2. Lucas

    your stone age introductions makes mine rubish

  3. Mr Slater

    Fantastic writing Thomas, you have followed all the success steps and created a brilliant set of instructions! You have also shown fantastic computing skills to word process your writing on Google Docs and embed your work onto the school blog! Well done I’m glad you are enjoying your work in Year 3 😉

  4. Euan

    Exultant layout Tommy.

  5. Euan

    Good work Thomas!!!!!

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