Mar 11

ben’s holiday brochure


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  1. Tiran

    Fantastic layout using paragraphs and sub-headings. Great use of facts and opinions!

  2. Ben

    This was very fun because we had built up to typing the brochure but what wasn’t fun was Mr Slater had to shout allot

  3. Thomas F

    Good work Ben. Excellent presentation.

  4. Jayden

    very good presentation

    1. Ben

      Thanks Jayden your brochure is awesome , well done

  5. Maryam

    Great holiday brochure Ben! Could you look at your capital letters?

  6. Ben

    I bet Mr Slater is planning on booking a secret holiday at Athens , a week or so of YES

  7. Alfie

    great use of conjunctions

  8. Mr Slater

    Fantastic layout and presentation Ben! You have organised your writing using sub-headings and paragraphs. Also, well done on using a range of conjunctions and facts and opinions! Well done!

  9. Jayden

    well use of conjunctions and adverbs

  10. Alexander

    love your work Ben its my favorite brochure so far

    1. Ben

      Thanks alex : )

  11. Thomas

    Great holiday brochure Ben like the scroll !!!!!!

  12. Thomas

    Ben like the scroll !!!!!!

    1. Ben

      OK THOMAS !!!!

  13. Jayden

    well done keep it up

  14. Jayden

    fantastic layout

  15. Jayden

    your work is one of the best

  16. thomas

    well done Ben great work because now i want to go to Athens!!!

  17. Alexia

    WOW!!!!Ben it is fantastic because you have used a great use of pictures,conjunctions and Adjectives.

  18. Euan

    Ben great work! [Thanks for the comment lol !

  19. Max

    Ben good work and could you do comers

  20. Euan

    Great work Ben!I love the picture

  21. Euan

    Great work Ben!I love the picture.

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