Mar 11

holiday brochure by Connie Year3


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  1. Ben

    Your brochure is epic because you have used conjunctions and facts

  2. Jayden

    love your pictures

  3. Max

    well done could you do comers and well done.

  4. Alexia

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!Well done for using Brilliant,outstanding pictures to make your work more Fancy Holiday Brochure.

  5. Mr Bleazard

    Wow! I want to go to Athens right now! You have persuaded me with your carefully chosen adjectives to describe the food, hotels and restaurants.

  6. magical

    Well done this is really good!

  7. Sally

    Cool holiday brochure it looks amazing!

  8. Imogen- Thackley school

    I am so hooked and I think I know where I want to go next year on holiday and such a persuasive peice from a year 3 too!!!!!!!

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