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Oct 31

Halloween Disco

Here are some photos from this year’s Halloween Disco! We all had a fantastic time! Congratulations to our Best Dressed winners and runner’s up. Reception/KS1 KS2

Oct 23

Autumn 1 2013 Homework Projects

Wow, Brilliant, Amazing, So proud -The standard of work is getting better every time, thank you parents for supporting your children. We are immensely proud of all the children who completed their projects!

Oct 17

My creature by frankie

This hypnotising creature, with  eyes as glowing as the sun, glides through the air and flaps its delicate wings as fast a lightning , suddenly this terrifying creature spots its prey, with one tiny click it unleashes its power and tears the its prey to peace’s with its razor sharp teeth.  

Oct 17

The viper wolf by:Harrison

This wolf like creature, with poisonous toxic skin , ran as fast as lighting through the beautiful rainforest . It took the banshee down with its mighty strong mouth . Now the banshee is laid down  dead ! The loud roar from the wolf made the banshee awake . Suddenly the banshee swooped up back into the breezy …

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Oct 22

The Art of Noticing

During half I would like to set you a challenge! Wherever you go take a little notebook and note down the sites, sounds and smells. The notes you make not matter how small can then be turned into a fantastic descriptive poem. This one was written by a 9 year old girl after a short …

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Feb 06

Safer Internet Day 2012

Safer Internet Day (SID) aims to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. Safer Internet Day 2012 will take place on Tuesday 7 February 2012, centred on the theme “Connecting generations and educating each other”, where they encourage users young and …

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Feb 04

Snowing – Wahey

Is it snowing in Greengates? The video below shows the snow from my front door. Why don’t you post a comment about what you are looking forward to doing in the snow? or after you have been out, write a recount of what you did.

Jan 28

Picture of the week

Have a look at the picture below, What can you see? Where is it? What is the weather like? What do you like / dislike about the picture. Once you have had a think about the questions, you could go the Can we write a story page and add to our group story!! A story …

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Jan 25

(No title)

Well done Mrs Allan, what a great idea to start a story from the photo of the week. Have a look children, can you continue the story? Can you leave it on a cliff hanger for the next person? I can’t wait to hear how the story continues……….

Jan 24

Extreme Reading update

Get the Dolch Word Game widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)Calling all Extreme Readers, I would like to see as many photos as possible by the end of the week please, remember to be safe but have fun when reading. You can email the photo to …

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Jan 24

Panoramic Picture of the week

Where do think this is? What would life be like here? Would you like to live here?

Jan 18


We are very aware that homework can be a chore at home! However it is an integral part of your child’s learning, we hope s/he will develop a responsibility for a learning, consolidate their understanding, share thoughts and ideas with their parents and foster a lifelong love of learning. Therefore we have revamped our Learning …

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Jan 17

Aesop’s Fables

We have been learning about Aesop and the fables he wrote, Aesop was a slave in Ancient Greece 2500 years ago. He wrote a series of fables, which all had a moral. The morals teach us about the correct way to live our life. Many of his morals can be applied today and applied to …

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Jan 16

Well Done Olivia and Hayden

Olivia and Hayden have been learning about sound, they had a fantastic day with Sam the Music Man last week and can now explain how sound travels! Fantastic year 5 Hayden and Olivia sound work (mp3)

Jan 09

Picture of the week

To develop our creative thinking we are going to discuss a different picture each week. What can you see in the picture ? What title would you give this picture and why?

Nov 22

Picture of the Week

Who do you think might be in the house? What time of day is it? Where has the sleigh come from? Where abouts in the world is it set?

Nov 22

Victorian Music

Year 5 find this music relaxing. victorian christmas

Nov 22

Children in need

Did you enjoy all the activities that we did for Children in Need? What did you enjoy doing the most?

Nov 22

Testing at Greengates

Ths is a simple word processor.

Oct 17

How to blog safely

A blog can be very exciting, it allows people from all over the world to read our work and make comments. We need to remember to follow a few simple rules to stay safe and to get the most out of our blog. Children are to only use their first name when commenting. Parents who …

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