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Each half term the children will be given a homework menu which will look like this imageScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 18.46.16. The menu will have a selection of homework activities which will vary in time commitment. The children can chose any activity each week,  We hope parents will become engaged in their child’s homework helping foster a lifelong enthusiasm in learning. Each week we would like you to concentrate on basic skills – such as times-tables, phonics, spellings, number bonds and reading, we will provide resources to support this learning. Your child will also be given log ins to the educational websites below, each week they may be given supplementary activities from some of these sites. These may include spellings, phonics games, number games or links to the half termly project.
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  1. leah little

    i love the greengates blog and the robot

  2. Alexander Stubley

    I like the robot to because it can talk.

  3. freya t

    Grate maths game.

  4. leaha

    Like learning logs

  5. aimee wilmore

    leah wos rit the robot is funny aimee.

  6. Elliot Ratcliffe

    I love the numrcy work aspeshly the puzzls

    1. Elliot

      Do you

    2. charlie walker

      I do too.

      1. Matthew Wood

        Hello. I am Matthew Wood, a former pupil. I see Mr. Gaunt is still working at school, but who else is still there? Mrs Cragg? Mrs Dunsire? Mrs Evans? Mrs Hudson? someone please reply, teacher or pupil.
        (don’t send to e mail address, post it on here!)

        Thank you!

        1. Anonymous

          Hello Matthew, hope High School is going well, All the names you mentioned except Mrs Evans are still here working hard

  7. corey

    i like numarcy work

    1. Elliot

      I do too.

    2. Aimee

      I agree with corey numcarcy is the best part of the day ever ;] !!!!!!!!

  8. george

    I love homework.

  9. aimee

    i love greengates it is the best school ever

  10. corey cowan

    I liked the little clip

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