We were challenged to write sentences containing 5 words:

silly      sausages     smiled      silver      snake


We all wrote one sentence on a whiteboard, and five have been chosen for the challenge.


I hoap it is sausages for tee. Thomas R

My mum has a silver car. Layla

The sausages lookt silly. Olivia

The snake is silver.  Tiran

I haf seen a silver car. Kelsey


Unfortunately no one chose to write a sentence with the word smiled!  Can you think of a sentence with the word ‘smiled’ in it?

Year 1 talked about what we would do if we went to the moon.  Everybody said a sentence and we voted on the 5 best sentences.


I would jump all day on the moon until it is night.  I would have a friend alien. I would go around the moon in my red rocket. I will make moon castles.  I would like to go to the moon to sleep with the aliens and look at the stars.

We looked at the picture in snack-times and discussed what we could see, what the people were doing and what it would feel like to be in the picture.  Then we each said a sentence about the picture and voted on the five best sentences.


I like the colour of the trees.  The man on the horse looks handsome.  The food looks yummy.  The shop sells shoes.  The people are sat on benches.



I can see a dog.  I can see sum bucits and spaids.  I can see a greenhaws.  I see sum flwirs.  I see a cafais

I can see a cafe whith a pink sine.  I can see some flowers.  I can see a man pushing a big wheel baroe.  I can see a man buying a spade and it is blue.  I can see a dog and it is brown.

The noise was deafening as the car screeched to a holt. My parents asked repeatedly if I was ok. Then a car came crashing into us! The car flew into the air and was upside down with the back of the car hanging off the bridge. My parents wouldn’t talk. They were not breathing. I screeched for help and no one came. The car started to edge off but all of a sudden the car plunged into the water. I shouted and screamed, an ambulance was on the bridge. It was too late and the car sunk. I gasped for air. The door locked!
By Sam in year 5

I walked upstairs in my big, pink, floppy slippers, brushed my teeth, got ready for bed and pulled the cloud like quilts over my cold body. I was just about to drift off when, “Ahhhhhhhh!!” a never ending scream occured. It was my mum. The noise was deafening. Is she ok? What’s going on? Why’s she screaming? Should I go down? I thought to myself. I quickly pulled the heavy quilt of me and stumbled down the steep stairs. I rushed into the living room where my mum was standing. You will never believe it but it was…. just a tiny spider!!
By Daisy May in year 5

I ran through the gloomy forest chasing after my excited friend. It seemed like he disappeared. I could no longer hear him then I saw something as red as blood shimmering in sunlight. As I approached the object, it suddenly became dark. The red door no longer shimmered.I opened the door and walked in. The door slammed shut and at that exact moment I heard a loud scream. The noise was deafening. A ruby light shone on the stairs. It got brighter and brighter until a red ghostly hand came round the corner. Behind me, the door was gone.
By Jason in year 5

It was late in the afternoon, the emerald green grass swayed in the gentle breeze. Crows, swallows and Thrushes chirped joyfully, whilst soaring from tree to tree. Meadows of daisies surrounded me. The cyan blue sky reflected on the windows of cottages. Horses galloped around paddock to paddock. Their golden honey fur glimmered in the beaming, saffron sunshine. Its powerful rays blinded anything that lay eyes on it. All of a sudden I had witnessed the shoots of spring. The shoots could just be seen, I felt really excited  knowing that I got to see the arrival of spring. Flowers opened to reveal their delicate petals.

By Elizabeth in year 5


In space you float. On the moon you step slowly. You don’t need a car you need a buggy. There is no water in space. Your food floats.