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It was late in the afternoon, the emerald green grass swayed in the gentle breeze. Crows, swallows and Thrushes chirped joyfully, whilst soaring from tree to tree. Meadows of daisies surrounded me. The cyan blue sky reflected on the windows of cottages. Horses galloped around paddock to paddock. Their golden honey fur glimmered in the beaming, saffron sunshine. Its powerful rays blinded anything that lay eyes on it. All of a sudden I had witnessed the shoots of spring. The shoots could just be seen, I felt really excited  knowing that I got to see the arrival of spring. Flowers opened to reveal their delicate petals.

By Elizabeth in year 5


In space you float. On the moon you step slowly. You don’t need a car you need a buggy. There is no water in space. Your food floats.


In space there is no gravity! I no some of the planets like Pluto and Jupiter and the moon and the last one Earth. Rockets are made of steel sometimes. They have boosters. The moon is a rocky place and it has craters.

In space I would go to difrent planets. On the moon I would play hide and seek. We would hide in difrent craters.  If you take your suit off you would die.

In space there is no gravity. In space there is no sun or weather. Neil armstrong was the first one in space ever! In space there is lots of planets such as Jupiter, Mars and Veneus. In space there isnt a bed.