The noise was deafening

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The noise was deafening as the car screeched to a holt. My parents asked repeatedly if I was ok. Then a car came crashing into us! The car flew into the air and was upside down with the back of the car hanging off the bridge. My parents wouldn’t talk. They were not breathing. I screeched for help and no one came. The car started to edge off but all of a sudden the car plunged into the water. I shouted and screamed, an ambulance was on the bridge. It was too late and the car sunk. I gasped for air. The door locked!
By Sam in year 5

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  1. Mrs Sutcliffe says:

    What an amazing piece of writing Sam, you have really built up the tension with your use of alliteration using words such as shouted and screeched. To include a ambulance that would prove not to be of any help only added to the drama! I would like you to write an ending as I would love to know what happened next! Well done!!

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