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We were challenged to write sentences containing 5 words:

silly      sausages     smiled      silver      snake


We all wrote one sentence on a whiteboard, and five have been chosen for the challenge.


I hoap it is sausages for tee. Thomas R

My mum has a silver car. Layla

The sausages lookt silly. Olivia

The snake is silver.  Tiran

I haf seen a silver car. Kelsey


Unfortunately no one chose to write a sentence with the word smiled!  Can you think of a sentence with the word ‘smiled’ in it?

Year 1 talked about what we would do if we went to the moon.  Everybody said a sentence and we voted on the 5 best sentences.


I would jump all day on the moon until it is night.  I would have a friend alien. I would go around the moon in my red rocket. I will make moon castles.  I would like to go to the moon to sleep with the aliens and look at the stars.