In space there is no gravity! I no some of the planets like Pluto and Jupiter and the moon and the last one Earth. Rockets are made of steel sometimes. They have boosters. The moon is a rocky place and it has craters.

In space I would go to difrent planets. On the moon I would play hide and seek. We would hide in difrent craters.  If you take your suit off you would die.

In space there is no gravity. In space there is no sun or weather. Neil armstrong was the first one in space ever! In space there is lots of planets such as Jupiter, Mars and Veneus. In space there isnt a bed.

In my house I fownd a secret room with a majic door. I went in and fownd ten sowljers with some armer. Then I was a sowljer like them and I went to war. My team did win. Then I went in a cool helikopter which was fun.

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jace.

Jace lived in a big kastel. He was wondering in the kastel until he saw a big door. He went in and saw a big cave with burning hot larver. He slipped and nearly fell in but somewon had a rope and helped him up.

As I sat in the bath a mysterious, orange cat sat at the bottom of the stairs. Then suddenly the cat stood up on two legs and walked up the flight of stairs and picked up my bath. It separated the bath and then crash!! The bath fell through the floor and into the living room “Ouch! That
hurt!” said Milly. Finally the builders had come and the cat was cooked up for tea! Whilst tea was cooling down, the builders had finished and they got to stay for tea. “Yum, yum in my tum,” said Milly. “Ahh!” she sighed. “I can now finally have a bath without any fuss!”

By Alectra in year 5.

Once there was two boys called George and James. They were exploring a forest and they kept hearing groans coming from the bushes. Everyone said that there was a monster in the forest, but that didn’t scare them. Suddenly, they felt a huge monster creeping up behind them. They acted like they didn’t know it was there, whilst shivers ran down their backs. Quickly, they ran like mad.
The monster chased after them. They came to two staircases. George ran up one; James just stood there. He couldn’t decide which one to take. The monster
caught up and ate James…

By Bradley in Year 5

One day I decided to go to the arcade with my friends so we set of walking there. When we got there, my friends and I decided to play the most popular game in there. We had to drive a car without crashing into others. As I was half way past level four, the game started making weird noises. The car stopped suddenly and it sucked me into the game…My friends tried everything to get me back out of the game but it all just carried on. I was stuck in the video game forever. It was really AWFUL!

By Daisy in year 5


The car stopped suddenly. There was a loud crashing sound. After that all I could hear was the heavy thudding as my heart struggled to beat and the low wheezing sound of my breath slowly puffing away. I could barely open my eyes. The next thing I knew I was in hospital. My blurry view gradually became clearer and from the corner of my eye I saw my mum. A sad, wet tear rolled down her cheek. She looked at me before turning away to rest her head on my dad’s chest. I closed my eyes and I never opened them again. I knew it was over and so did my mum…

By Ellie – Jo in year 5


The car stopped suddenly just as I was on the final chapter of The Book of Legends! I turned to the last page and there on one of the pages was some sticky, slimy stuff with a white letter on. It was a very large letter. I pulled it off and ripped it open and there was a load of pictures of little green goblins. I wondered what it was for. Bright beams of yellow light shone on me. I felt dizzy all of a sudden! The car disappeared and I fell to the floor. Everyone had gone and I forgot who I was.

By Sadie, Year 3