Welcome to the Foundation Stage blog.

We will be using this blog to let you know what the children are interested in, what we are learning, upcoming events and how you can help your child learn at home.

What we have achieved so far…

The children have settled remarkably well into Reception and have made fantastic progress. Here are some of the amazing things we have done during the Autumn term.

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We have also had visits from some real life superheroes including a nurse and some firemen who let us use the fire hose.


What we are interested in…

So far this year we have been interested in superheroes and have particularly enjoyed our 2 superhero days. We have also been interested real life superheroes such as firemen; we have been building fire engines, putting out fires, writing warning signs and reading information books about fire fighters.

There has been a lot of interest in making puppets and using them to tell stories, several of the children made their own puppet theatre and used it to retell the story of Frozen.

Many of the children have been interested in building in all forms from giant houses to tiny fairy houses made out of gems. Next term we will be developing this interest by looking at following and writing/ drawing instructions for our creations.

What we are learning…

We will start our learning next term by investigating dinosaurs.

We will be looking at the properties of dinosaurs, their bones and fossils, where they lived and what they ate. Through this investigation we will be learning about sorting and classifying different dinosaurs, how archaeologists dig up bones and using our phonic skills to write about the information we find out.

The children will continue to learn phonics and maths every day in small groups, we will also have daily discussions and reading sessions.

How you can help at home…

All children now have a sharing book or a reading book,  please help your child by reading with them at least 3 times a week. Sharing books together will help children to develop their vocabulary and language skills in preparation for learning phonics and will help them to read independently.

Share the story and talk about the pictures, what can you see? What might happen next?

Please sign your child’s reading record book when you have shared a book, all children who read 3 or more times a week will receive a treat on a Friday.

In the Spring term we will start to attend the weekly celebration assembly with Key Stage 1 and will be in the running to win the weekly reading prize of chocolate for all members of the class who reads the most.

If your child has bear words please support them to learn them by showing them to the on a regular basis, using them to make sentences and pointing out when you see the words in a reading/ sharing book.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Connors and Miss Kemp and all of the Parrots and Penguins.


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