I asked Abigail “What is celebration assembly”?

“It’s when the people get a certificate and if the people get a certificate you have to clap.  It’s because the children really stood out and it makes them happy to get a certificate.  I was really happy and excited because I got my pen license today and it made me ecstatic.  It’s really nice in school, everyone is happy and kind.”

Thank you Abigail!

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2 Responses to I asked Abigail “What is celebration assembly”?

  1. Mr Harris says:

    Wow Abigail, I love your writing about Celebration Assembly. I am glad you enjoy them. And we are so proud of you for getting your pen licence. Brilliant work.

  2. Miss Riley says:

    Wow Abigail! Congratulations on achieving your pen licence! I am so proud of you! Keep up the hard work! When I next come in to visit you all, will you show me your work please?
    What topic are you learning about at school at the moment? Have you been taking part in lots of exciting activities?
    I will hopefully see you all again soon!

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