Titanic facts

The Titanic was launched on the 31st of May 1911 at the Harland and Wolff shipyard
In Belfast.

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Titanic facts

Did you know the anchors on the ship weighed 15 tonnes?
The designer was Thomas Andrews.  Her maximum speed was 26mph.
Her length was a amazing 269 metres long.

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Titanic Stories.

As part of our topic about the Titanic, we have researched the journey of a passenger from the Titanic.  It was very interesting to see whether they survived or died, however we also found it very sad.  We then created stories about our passengers on board the Titanic.  Can you share some of your brilliant stories Year 5?


Miss Riley

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The Titanic facts

The Titanic was 269m long.   It took 2 hours for the Titanic to sink.The Titanic had 2,224 people on board.  706 people survived and 1, 517 people lost their lives. There were 13 couples celebrating their honeymoons on The Titanic.

Did you know the iceberg was 523 metres long?

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Titanic information

On the day the Titanic sank a lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place. Captain Smith cancelled the drill for some unknown reason.
The drill could have saved many more people.

The Titanic had everything on board, including it’s very own Newspaper.

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Victorian school trip

Our Victorian school trip we went on was really cool. The best part was when we was in the Victorian class room. After that our group went and looked round the museum. When we finished in the museum we went and washed some clothes how the Victorians did.

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The Industrial museum

The best bit about going to the Industrial museum was the school room. I was a school room monitor so I had to hand out everything I was given. There was a row of girls then boys and girls then boys. There was a door for the boys and a door for the girls. I did some handwriting we used ink to write with. I did maths on some slate, we did adding and subtracting. I had to draw a brick for the art.

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Trouble at mill

We went to industrial museum to learn about the Victorians,did you no when prince Albert died Queen Victoria wore black for the rest of her life?

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High crags 2014 topics

This blog entry is all about our topics in 2014 first lets talk about the industrial museum. We went to the Victorian school we had to wear Victorian clothes.
We also went to Liverpool! It was epic! The ferry was awesome! We went to Liverpool to look at where the Beatles were from. The Beatles were good! My favourite song is ‘Twist and Shout’.
We are now learning about the Titanic!

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Why I enjoyed the industrial museum.

My favourite parts of the industrial museum were when we did the cleaning with the old soaps.We used a poseur to clean the clothes and a mangle to squeeze out all of the water.We also placed them on a range (fireplace).We also dyed the Collars a blue colour to help them stay clean longer.

We also experienced what the schools were like in the Victorian times it was strict.We wrote with ink pens and chalk on a slate board it was fun.We used the ink pens for writing letters and the chalk board for maths.In maths we also did column addition it was easy.In literacy we wrote A,B,C in Victorian style it looked very fancy

I didn’t want to go it was so much fun!

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