Welcome Back!

On behalf of everyone at Horton Grange Primary School, I would like to welcome you back to school!  An inspiring and exciting school year lies ahead.  I would like to give an extra special welcome to any new children joining us for the first time this year.  We are sure you will be happy and will quickly feel part of our new school family.  We hope you all had time to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

New faces at Horton Grange Primary School

We would like to welcome the new members of staff  to Horton Grange Primary School.  I know that you will make them feel welcome and part of our school family.

Establishing routines

The start of the new school year enables us to set the tone for learning and behaviour in the school.  It is an important time for teachers and children to establish classroom routines and to set expectations of behaviour and working well together.  Please help us by ensuring that children are in school by 8:40 am (in preparation for registration), wearing the correct school uniform and ready to learn. On the school website you will find detailed information about the school day including school uniform information and what they need to bring for P.E.


We will continue to award prizes for attendance as in previous years.  It should be noted however that 100% attendance will now only be awarded to those children who attend every day and have no late marks. Can we also take this opportunity to remind parents that, except in and emergency, all GP and dental appointments should be made outside school hours.  Please remember that the Government no longer permits children to take extended leave during school time. Taking your child on unauthorised absence during school time will lead to a penalty, in the form of a fine, being imposed by the local authority.  If you need to take your child out of school in an emergency please contact the Head Teacher or another member of the senior leadership team as soon as possible. A calendar of school closures is available on the school website, or from the school office.

Updating information

At this time of year, it is important that we update the information we hold on your children in school about your child.  We try to keep these requests to a minimum however it is important for the safety of all the children that we have up to date and accurate information.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could respond to any such requests as soon as possible.  Could we also remind parents, in the interest of safety, it is important that you notify us immediately of a change of telephone number or address.

The Horton Grange Primary School team and I look forward to the year ahead and to working with you once again.