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Book of the Week

4  Meerkats have chosen “The Enchanted Wood” by Enid Blyton as their book of the week. Thank you for a lovely presentation in assembly today.

Year 4 exploring hedgerows

Year 4 Cheetahs enjoyed a sunny walk this morning investigating hedgerows and habitats.

Bikeability Photos

Year 6 enjoying their training. Excellent achievements!

Year 6 Career’s Day

Year 6 children had an interesting morning thinking about the future and learning about the world of work in several guises.  The children had the opportunity to ask questions about floristry, policing, retail, care in the private sector, youth work and the work of Bradford council.  Additionally, in class, children thought about the many roles involved in other fields of work such as healthcare, law, engineering, education, the media and the art.

Edward’s Rocket Year 6

Edward, Owen, Lennon and Tommy have become space scientists! Inspired by watching a film in school last week as a post-SATs treat, they have crafted and welded this fantastic rocket!  Engineers in the making!

Cober Hill 2018 in pictures

What a fantastic time our Year 4’s had in Scarborough!

Our Spots this week are………

Well done to you all.

A bug discovery at lunch time today

Year 5 found a family of ladybirds today

4 Meerkats are off!!!!

Off to Cober Hill they go! We hope 4 Meerkats have a wonderful time. See you all on Friday

Cober Hill Group one are off!!!

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