Continuing Year 4 Science


Having left the eggs in a variety of liquids for 24 hours, Year 4 pupils looked at the results of the experiment and drew some valuable conclusions.

We found that some liquids would stain our teeth and others really damaged the egg shells (meaning they would damage the enamel of our teeth).  We even found that energy drinks seemed to do more damage than malt vinegar.  Yuck!

The one liquid that didn’t do any damage at all was water.

We will be continuing to look at diet and dental hygiene in our experiments.

Year 4 Science ‘Egg-speriments’

In Science, the children are learning about the human digestive system.

Having learned how to describe the digestive system, we are now looking at how we can all help to keep the system healthy and functioning well.

We are starting with teeth, and are carrying out experiments (or ‘egg-speriments’ if you prefer) using eggs and a variety of different liquids to simulate the effects the liquids might have on our teeth.  After that, we will be experimenting with toothpaste to see if it really can help to clean and protect our teeth.

We will update with some of our results later this week!

Taking responsibility for learning in Maths

In Year 4 we completed our first unit of Maths, learning about the place value of numbers.  To help to count in 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s (including using negative numbers) the children used a variety of resources, really taking responsibility for their own learning.

Dicey times in Year 4

Amongst some super work in Maths this week, Year 4 children have been using dice games to learn about counting using negative numbers.

Year 6 Leavers 2018

What a lovely assembly today! So many memories from the last four years at Silsden Primary School’s Hothfield site. Good luck to all of you at your new schools. 

This week’s SPOTS…

Y 6 Leavers Performance – Blitz and Blackberries

Year 4 Habitat Walk

This week’s SPOTS

Silsden’s Year of Music

Year 4 Egyptians gave the school a taste of Samba this week. Well done to all of you.