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A Taiko Drumming Experience for Year 5


Year 5 were given a fantastic traditional Japanese musical experience today – with every child taking part in an hour long Taiko drumming workshop. We learnt how to play the drums, some Japanese language, about the culture and respect associated with the drums and also how much of a physical workout playing them gives your body! Expect some aching limbs tomorrow…

A few of the many photos below (though sadly none available of a few of the teachers sneaking down for their own mini-workshop at lunchtime).

Music concert

Which was your favourite tune that was played in the concert?

Do you already play an instrument? Would you like to take up playing an instrument?

A Christmassy day.

What a wonderful end to the term today. It started with our annual festive sing-a-long in the hall.
Then, this afternoon, we all went to St.James’ Church for our traditional Christmas service.
A day full of glorious singing and festive cheer.



Peter and the Wolf music

Year 3 were treated to some live performances of some of the character themes from Peter and the Wolf by Charlotte Crossley.


What was your favourite piece of music? Would you like to learn to play one of the instruments that Charlotte played?