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A Taiko Drumming Experience for Year 5


Year 5 were given a fantastic traditional Japanese musical experience today – with every child taking part in an hour long Taiko drumming workshop. We learnt how to play the drums, some Japanese language, about the culture and respect associated with the drums and also how much of a physical workout playing them gives your body! Expect some aching limbs tomorrow…

A few of the many photos below (though sadly none available of a few of the teachers sneaking down for their own mini-workshop at lunchtime).

Year 5 – You’re Hired!

For food week, Year 5 competed in their own Apprentice-style task. After costing and pricing their own flapjacks using their maths skills, the teams turned creative to design packaging and promote their brands. The boardroom beckoned for all on Friday as they pitched their ideas to Lord Sugar and his/her formidable assistants!

It was a brilliant all-round task, with great team work, creativity and maths reasoning. Well done to all, and especially to the team in each class who were ‘hired’!

Y5 Water Topic #2 – Water Filters

How can you turn dirty water into clean water? Year 5 can tell you!

Using just plastic bottles, cotton wool, sand and gravel, we managed to make our water much cleaner (even if not quite clean enough to drink!).

Why does it work? What does each layer of the filter do?

5C and Exoplanet

5C created these music files by using  a programme called . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I will let 5C explain.


Victorian Day in Year 5

Year 5 visited the Bradford Industrial Museum recently.

What are the strongest memories you have of the day?

Would you like to live in the Victorian times? Why?

Year 5 recall from their trip to the Industrial Museum

Year 5 pupils now you have the brilliant opportunity to recall your great day at the museum.  What impressed you the most? How did you feel dressed up in your Victorian clothes?  Tell us . . . . we’d love to have all the details

Bradford Industrial Museum