bedtime stories competition

Are you a good writer?

Do you want to read more at school?

Well you’re in luck because Silentnight has given Ingrow Primary School an opportunity to win 1000 pounds worth of books for the whole school!


To enter all you have to do is write a sleepy bed time story  which contains 250 to 500 words and the silentnight hippo and duck.

is this your chance to shine ? Find out by entering and writing your story. Once you have done give your precious story to your teacher


sleepy_stories_logo_497x225GOOD LUCK 🙂



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SATS revision top tips

Use the following tips to help you reach your maximum potential:-
1.  Choose a place to revise where you will not be distracted.
2.  Drink plenty of water.  Water stops your brain dehydrating and will help you
concentrate for longer.
3.  Get plenty of sleep.  If you are tired, you will never perform to the best of your
4.  Take a short break every 20 minutes.
5.  If you get stuck on something, come back to it later or ask a teacher / parent to
6.  Reward yourself for working hard.  It might be playing out, watching a favourite TV
programme or having a biscuit.
7.  Study in short sessions, but often.  Don’t spend hours working away!
Please don’t feel worried or get stressed about your tests.
Don’t hesitate to talk to an adult in school. 
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Sports Relief 2016…what shall we do?

sports re

Did you know that it is sports relief next week?

Do you have any ideas about what we can do to raise money?

Post your comments below and we will let Mr Simons know.

Do you know the sport relief song ? Click on the picture above to visit  the website.

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World Book Day 2016

book-dayIt was a successful World Book Day 2016!!!!

This year pupils and staff had great fun dressing up in their PJ’s for the bedtime story themed day or in famous book character costumes. 

Throughout the school, each class got involved in reading different books and completing pieces of writing, crafts and art work around their chosen stories


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This weeks VIP award goes to…


It is a pleasure to award children with such an important award. 

Pupils are awarded for a number of reasons such as:

  • consistent good manners 

  • being a polite young person

  • offering help and support to their peers

Overall being a fantastic role model within the school.

Each week pupils have a wonderful treat with the Headteacher and assistant heads, they enjoy a tea party with juice, buns and other goodies.

tea party

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Kingswood Day 2 – 13th Oct

After our first successful night at Kingswood, we were up bright and early for showers and dorm inspections -there weren’t too many sweet wraps on show! We were spoilt for choice for breakfast and we definitely filled our boots.

Today we all completed seven amazing activities which included zip wire, areoball, problem solving, leap of faith, outdoor laser, fencing, nightline, 3G swing, bouldering, climbing all rounded off with a groovy disco. All the staff have been so impressed with all the children’s determination and teamwork to conquer their fears.  There are certainly plenty of names in the raffle this evening.

In preparation for the disco Miss Reeve and Miss Fraser turned the girl’s corridor into a mobile hair dressers whilst the boys took a more relaxed approach.

The disco was the highlight of the evening, we don’t know how Ainsley had the energy to keep dancing all night and really impressed us with his dance moves. The Macarena and Gangnam Style where just a few of the Strictly dances on show this evening. Mr Balmer entertained us with his silly dancing and many tried to copy his unique style.

After an exhausting day we rounded the evening off with hot chocolate and headed to our beds for a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrows activities.

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Kingswood Day 1Monday 12th Oct

We have all arrived safe and sound in the glorious sunshine! Our first challenge was unpacking and making our beds – which we would love to demonstrate to you at home. Once we got our bearings and listened to the safety talk, it was off to our first activities. These included climbing, bouldering, nightline, 3G swing, outdoor laser, areoball, leap of faith, fencing and zip wire. Many of these activities challenged our confidence however we were encouraged to push through our comfort zone and we feel very proud of our achievements.

After we completed three of the above activities, we were definitely ready for our tea. We loved the delicious variety of the food! We don’t know how she managed it but Mrs Crowder got the biggest piece of cake!

After tea, we got top marks for our calm and effective fire drill practice. This was very appropriate as we then proceeded to our campfire where we had toasted marshmallows under the stars before coming back in to a warming hot chocolate and raffle prizes.


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Digital Leaders 2015-16!!!

Welcome back new and old Digital Leaders.

I hope you have had a lovely summer and are back into the swing of things nicely.owl-classroom-computer-helper

This year we have some exciting things planned and I hope that you are all up for the challenge. 

Before we get started I want you to think about your role as a Digital Leader:

  • What do you think your role involves?

  • What do you think will be different this year from last?

  • How are you going to support your peers?

  • What would you like to do this year that you either didn’t do last year or that you enjoyed a lot and would like to do more of?

  • Can you think of a positive impact the Digital Leaders has had on you or with the classes you have worked with?

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Family Challenge – 3 prizes available – you could be a winner!

Do your children complain that they are

bored during the holidays?


Why not join our family competition where you can win a family prize. All you have to do is join in our 100 word challenge.

Here is the challenge – to plan and write a story containing no more than 100 words.

1) Be original- this is an opportunity to write with creativity and use your imagination. Have fun with a story that nobody else has ever heard of.

2) Every word matters. You must not go over 100 words. Plan it out carefully.

3) If possible, include a surprise or twist at the end.

The entries must be in by Friday 17th April 2015

Your entry must have your firstname and your class on it and (here is the exciting part) your families and the people that you live with can help. The prize will be something lovely and fun for you all.

There will be 3 winners from each phase Early years, KS1 and KS2

1) Plan and write an original short story (try and include a twist)

2) Hand it in to Mrs Collier or Mrs Howe, or write a comment in the section below in this blog.

All entries need to completed on or before the 17th April 2015


Ready, Steady, Write!



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Animation project Year 5

Last term Year 5 started a new unit with Miss Mudd, we have been learning how to become professional stop motion animators. We have thought through some fantastic ideas for our animations such as… Monsters vs Aliens, The 2 awkward men, The story of the killer tiger and so much more. During the topic we have learnt numerous skills like putting in audio, voices, making titles etc One group, Sohale,Adam and Keelan , created and added a faboulous advert using iMovie, they embedded it in their animation.

We have really enjoyed making our animations because it has been fun and it seems like we are not working however we have learnt so much, we have found that our speaking and listening skills have improved due to the fact that if you don’t speak clearly then the microphone doesn’t pick up what you are saying. We have had to work well as a team and Miss Mudd said at the beginning that the best teams will have the better outcome and it will show in the films.


We would like to know what you enjoyed

most about it and what did you find


from Adam Sohale and Keelan!

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