Animation project Year 5

Last term Year 5 started a new unit with Miss Mudd, we have been learning how to become professional stop motion animators. We have thought through some fantastic ideas for our animations such as… Monsters vs Aliens, The 2 awkward men, The story of the killer tiger and so much more. During the topic we have learnt numerous skills like putting in audio, voices, making titles etc One group, Sohale,Adam and Keelan , created and added a faboulous advert using iMovie, they embedded it in their animation.

We have really enjoyed making our animations because it has been fun and it seems like we are not working however we have learnt so much, we have found that our speaking and listening skills have improved due to the fact that if you don’t speak clearly then the microphone doesn’t pick up what you are saying. We have had to work well as a team and Miss Mudd said at the beginning that the best teams will have the better outcome and it will show in the films.


We would like to know what you enjoyed

most about it and what did you find


from Adam Sohale and Keelan!

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  1. Miss Mudd says:

    We have had a great time creating our ‘out of this world’ animations. Each group of 3 worked hard to plan and create a storyboard linking to the topic. We gave children free reign on creativity and WOW what wonderful films have been created! I am very impressed with the level of skill and teamwork that the children have displayed. Each pupil had a key role in the creation of the animation and had to cooperate to get the job done. They won’t mind me saying that it wasn’t the easiest of tasks and that they did find some parts tricky (especially when the technology wasn’t on our side!) I don’t think the children fully realised how long it takes to create a stop motion animation but their hard work and determination has paid off.
    I too am intrigued to hear of what people enjoyed the most and the difficulties that they had along the way.
    I am sure when their parents come in to view their work they too will be very proud and impressed.
    Well done everyone.

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