Family Challenge – 3 prizes available – you could be a winner!

Do your children complain that they are

bored during the holidays?


Why not join our family competition where you can win a family prize. All you have to do is join in our 100 word challenge.

Here is the challenge – to plan and write a story containing no more than 100 words.

1) Be original- this is an opportunity to write with creativity and use your imagination. Have fun with a story that nobody else has ever heard of.

2) Every word matters. You must not go over 100 words. Plan it out carefully.

3) If possible, include a surprise or twist at the end.

The entries must be in by Friday 17th April 2015

Your entry must have your firstname and your class on it and (here is the exciting part) your families and the people that you live with can help. The prize will be something lovely and fun for you all.

There will be 3 winners from each phase Early years, KS1 and KS2

1) Plan and write an original short story (try and include a twist)

2) Hand it in to Mrs Collier or Mrs Howe, or write a comment in the section below in this blog.

All entries need to completed on or before the 17th April 2015


Ready, Steady, Write!



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