Digital Leaders 2015-16!!!

Welcome back new and old Digital Leaders.

I hope you have had a lovely summer and are back into the swing of things nicely.owl-classroom-computer-helper

This year we have some exciting things planned and I hope that you are all up for the challenge. 

Before we get started I want you to think about your role as a Digital Leader:

  • What do you think your role involves?

  • What do you think will be different this year from last?

  • How are you going to support your peers?

  • What would you like to do this year that you either didn’t do last year or that you enjoyed a lot and would like to do more of?

  • Can you think of a positive impact the Digital Leaders has had on you or with the classes you have worked with?

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4 Responses to Digital Leaders 2015-16!!!

  1. Chiyedza says:

    Miss Mudd why don’t we get every teacher on a Monday afternoon and train them on how to use things and how to make lessons more exciting

    • Miss J Mudd says:

      Lovely idea Chiyedza, however we may have a problem with allowing teachers out of class in the afternoons. Write down some training ideas and and we can look at ways in which we can embed them into the classroom.
      Keep those ideas coming!

      • Chiyedza m says:

        Ok i will. Miss i went on the school website and could not find Ingrow news were is it.on the next meeting we can start discussing us going into other classes and what we will do? Have a lovely half term holiday!!!

  2. Chiyedza says:

    I think that as the digital leaders this term we should hold a event or completion were the whole school tries has to find the hidden codes and scan them to find the right answer. Or if they find it lying around the school halls they can pic it up take it to there desk and ask a teacher to let them scan it in class. And however finds the correct answer e.g esafgaurding. And then they get a prize like celebrations or a esafgarding not pad a and pencils. It could be something nice for the school pupils and teachers .

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